How can I get the CSA off my back?

April 10, 2010

I am totally unable to comprehend the CSA. I have now been dealing with them for over 12 years and since my first contact, have had a DEO issued as their wonderful Belfast office claimed never to have received my completed assesment forms; despite me sending in three and gaing a proof of delivery for the last one. So having to put up with this I find it totally incredulous that they claim I have arrears, particularly because of the DEO.

They claim that new assesments have been made, which I have not been informed of and irrespective of this; could not alter my payments anyway as they and their accoutns department take it from source. My son has left school and further education and although without a full time job, works at least three days per week and more.

I incidentally have a brilliant relationship with my Son and despite what the CSA take from me, treat him the same as I treat my Daughter who is school age and lives with me and her Mother; in other words I spend exactly the same amount of money on Birthdays and Christmas. The CSA claim and have claimed for years, that I owe arrears, bearing in mind I have always had a DEO; and now say I still owe them £10,000. So at present I cannot stop any of the payments.

My new Family has always suffered because of this in so much that unlike my ex-wife, they have not had a foreign holiday at all. My ex-wife has at leats one per year if not two.

Can anyone please advise me as to how do deal with these parasites and get them off my back once and for all.


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  1. simon on June 28th, 2010 2:08 pm

    Hi Lenny, I’m afraid I have no advive as to getting them off your back but felt compelled to reply in respect of the Belfast office. You describe them as ‘woeful’, how polite you are ! I have never ever had the misfortune of dealing with a ruder, more arrogant, tactless, inhumane bunch of cretins in my life ! I dread any contact with them. I have never shirked my responsibilty to pay for my children but the attitude I get from them is disgusting. people may say’well they’re only doing their job’, but surely surely they don’t have to be so dispicable about it. I know they don’t make the rules of the CSA, that was some other bunch of cretins, but to treat us with such contempt can’t be one of the rules. I wonder if PWC’s also have the same feelings?….

  2. Christopher Wise on November 22nd, 2011 3:29 pm

    I had been paying money by DD to the mother of my bairns bank account for some time when i suddenly got a threat to go to CSA of mother (was unemployed and started paying her £20 a month as per CSA guidelines). They then phoned me to which i said do what you want with my benefits as you will anyway but i refuse to pay any money through you when i start work. They then proceeded to take money of my benefits for a total of two months whilst i was paying her through my bank account by DD. They knew i was paying proof was their etc. Can these people force me to pay through them? If so how is this helping child poverty as i was paying the end of every month (apart from unless it was a weekend dd was due to come out!) and all they do is fuck around with peoples payments and pay late etc. I refuse to have anything to do with the CSA and they can lock me up for what i care as i refuse to live my life having my finances looked at and scrutinised by a bunch of corrupt bureacrats!

  3. paul on August 10th, 2012 3:00 pm

    The.csa cost me my job, my house and very nearly my life. They put an earnings order on me,only alowing me to take home £227 a week. That didnt even cover my morgage. I reduced my hors and only worked 3 days a.week and.found a second job that payed cash so i could pay my bills. They found out and sought to gain my house. As i was so far behind with my morgage, and couldnt sell it, it was reposest. Then they took me to court. I was homeless had no job no money and now £50,000 in debt to the morgage company. The court ordered i pay £350 a month to the csa, starting on the very day i was in court or i got banged up for 8 weeks. My mother borrowed the money from her bank so i didnt go to prison. The csa belived that iowed them arears from the day my children were born. I sent them proof that they lived with me until they were 6 &. 7 years old, which they “lost” and was now irrelevent and they wanted their money. 2 weeks ago, a close school friend of mine hung himself as a result of what i belive, was these people making his lif hell. I have been off the radar for 3. Years now. Ive no financial agreements with insurance companys, mobil phones or any thing. If they find me again, i dont know how it will end.

  4. Michael on August 24th, 2017 5:12 am

    And the Government wonders why the suicide is it the highest ever…

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