Given suspended prison sentence because of CSA

August 6, 2010

I am a 55 year old self employed scaffolder, there are 2 liability orders out against me. Under a court agreement I am supposed to pay £40.00 every 4 weeks.

Previous to this order being made I had been Paying £100 per month by direct debit, however in November 2008 I was made bankrupt and my bank accounts were closed. I had maintained the £40.00 payments until Nov/Dec 2009 but subseqently fell into arrears due to me not working. I received numerous letters from the CSA and tried unsuccessfully to contact them to explain my situation. A bail warrant was issued and I attended a local Police station to answer to it. A date was set for a court appearance for July 14th this year. On July 7th I paid all arrears that had accrued and on the 12th of July I rang the Magistrates Court office to tell them that I had paid. I asked if it was still necessary for me to attend court and was told no.

This morning at 6.30am I had a visit from the Police who had a warrant for my arrest. I was taken to Leeds Bridewell and kept for more than 6 hours in a stinking small cell with up to 9 other prisoners until I eventually appeared before the Magistrates. The solicitor representing the CSA did his address to the Magistrates and I was given a 42 day prison sentence (suspended) and then released. My complaint is not about the fact that I had not kept to the original court order but that I was not in arrears at the time of today’s hearing and still received a prison sentence.

I explained my situation to the court but as usual it fell on deaf ears. When is all this going to end they do not take any notice of individual circumstances. The fact that I am in this position at all is another story, I was not the absent father – my ex wife had an affair and left me with all three of my then children and I have been treated like some kind of common criminal each and every time this matter has come to court whilst my present wife has constantly been denied access to the court room when I have attended.

It is time things were changed.


  • martin dell says:

    keep fighting ,sue the csa and the courts goto dead beat dads ass

  • mike fletcher says:

    Martin what is dead beat dads ? is that not a name used for fathers that dont want to pay

  • martin dell says: sry my fault follow the link helps a lot

  • graeme says:

    What a sad story to hear Gary. Keep fighting them mate. You are not a criminal, you are a father.

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