Fourth Complaint Letter to the CSA – Resolution Team

February 18, 2010

Here is my most recent letter to the CSA, complaing about their lack of action:

Donna Holland
Resolution Team 2
Child Support Agency
PO Box 442
CW98 1AD

Dear Miss Holland

Further to my 3 previous letters of complaint, dated, 20th September 2009, 27th October 2009, and 7th December 2009, I am incensed that I must again write to you again, raising further complaints. I believe the time has now come for this to be taken up with a Senior Complaints Manager and an Independent Tribunal as a matter of urgency. This is of no disrespect to yourself and I want to make it known, that I have no direct complaint with you, other than the fact that the issues have taken far too long to resolve.

You will recall that on 6th February 2010, I telephoned you to advise you that I had been dismissed at work and made unemployed. You will also recall, that I asked you for a breakdown for monies outstanding on the arrears, as owed to the Liability Orders obtained against me in mid 2009. Your advice, was that I contacted Clare Weale in Enforcement at Hastings, as she was the one dealing with arrears etc. Following this, you will also remember, that I have made it clear in previous correspondence to both you and Clare Weale, that I fully recognise the debt owed in relation to the Liability Orders, but not in relation to the “Statute Debt”, for which I had refused to acknowledge or pay toward and had asked for this issue to be put into the domain of an Independent Tribunal to determine if I was required to pay this debt. It is simply not acceptable for the CSA to say that this money must be paid by whatever means necessary, without a shred of documentary evidence or legisla!
tion from the CSA to support this.

I tried to contact Clare Weale who was not available and spoke with one of her colleagues by the name of Sarah. I asked for the exact figure I needed to try and pay off what was owing on the Liability Orders, given the fact that I was now unemployed and wanted to ensure that the stress of having Enforcement Action taken against me was taken away. I informed her that my in laws could be in a position to help me clear off the outstanding arrears on the Liability Order. I was astounded to be told, that the enormous sums that had been taken direct from my wages by way of DEO and putting my family and I through immense financial hardship, was being siphoned off to pay the “statute debt”, even though I had made it perfectly clear what my position was on this issue. At no time did anyone from the CSA discuss or explain to me that money from my DEO was being taken for this purpose. I was told that it made “good business sense to use the money to pay off an unenforceable debt”. !
Since when did the CSA or CMEC become a business????

Further, I now have the worry of being unemployed with no income and under immense stress, without the addition of the Liability Order and the threat of Enforcement action hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles!!!!! This will force me to move home and stop me from living with my partner, as she is now so stressed at the thought of bailiffs attending her home or me losing my driving license or imprisoned, that she is considering splitting up our relationship and wants me to move out and away from our children.

Without doubt, I have been lied to, deceived, threatened and bullied by the CSA and enough is enough. I want full written correspondence into all of my complaints within the next 14 days, with confirmation that the money taken from my wages has been diverted to pay off what is outstanding on my Liability Order. If I do not have all my complaints dealt with, the money paid to the CSA deducted from the Liability Order and be put forward for an Independent Tribunal, then I will look to take legal action of my own against individual employees and the CSA for theft, deception and breaches of my rights, as well as sex discrimination, as I feel that as a father, I have been unfairly discriminated against by the Agency because I am a man and not the parent with care, to which I am given no choice in the matter.

Miss Holland, I look forward to your assistance in ensuring that this is dealt with appropriately and expeditiously and at the right level. I am a patient man, but the deliberate procrastinating by the CSA has got to stop and immediate and swift action taken to address the issues raised since September. Again, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for your efforts on my behalf.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Sean Bryant

If anyone can help with further advice on these issues, I’d be grateful for your help!


  • Reece Sanford says:

    Good luck as ive also sent 4 letters of complaint to the Complaints Resolution Team and still had no answers.The 1st letter they acknowledged on 11th May 2009 yet nothing else happened.

  • kate says:

    I can really sympathise with you as we are in a very similar situation. We have been bullied, money demanded off us no matter what our financial situation and we’ve been sent round the houses and back again by them. The CSA really do not care about the stress they cause to families and relationships (which completely defies the object!) as long as they get ‘their’ money. We dealt with a really helpful lady in the complaints department called Rachel Perkins who was very good at communicating and was very helpful. Maybe you could ask for her to deal with your case if you are not recieving any response from Miss Holland. They have to send you a breakdown of arrears if you ask for it or you can ask for copies of all system and clerical information on your file (ask in writing) and they have to send you everything they have on your case up to now. This may take up to 8 weeks but its worth having all the information for reference. I think the letter you have just sent will get a response but just be persistent with ringing and writing. You could also send a letter to your local MP (this didn’t help me but you never know!). If you still don’t feel you have had a satisfactory response after you have been through the whole complaints process then you can write to the Idependent Case Examiner whose address is on the Csa Website. I hope some of this helps and i wish you the best of luck!


  • julia says:

    was just reading ur post and wondered if you got anywhere with the complaint letter, i have been making complaint after complaint for 9 years and still nothing achieved !!! bloody joke i think the governement should take the csa over, im sure things would be sorted in no time..

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