Final amount keeps on changing

June 25, 2010

I am almost at the end of paying off thousands of pounds the CSA say I owed in arrears which at £300 a month has now taken over 5 years. I thought and along with all their correspondence that I only had 3 more payments left to pay, so I phoned them to make a one off payment. I then a bomb shell saying I actually owed them £600 more than they had originally said, then this weekend I received a statement saying I owed £900 more than all the paper work said.

I have just phoned them and they said ‘tuff’. There is nothing I can do as the last statement goes back to the beginning and have not way of fighting this. They say the statements sent during the 5 year period of not accurate and that they can prove the final statement in court and possess my house, take belongings but as they went for a liability order in March this year for £1800, and since then I have paid off £900, they can do what they want.

Is there anyway I can fight this?