Fighting the CSA: Should I quit my job?

December 17, 2009

I have had no ends of grief from my kids mothers due to the incompetence of this mis managed government agency.I built up a 5000 pound debt to the agency over 2 years because i was unwilling to pay nearly 100 pounds a week to my child (an amount i never had the luxury of spending on my kids when i was with the mother).

I got chased for the money but agreed a slightly less amount which i gave my ex via a check in full instead of installments through the debt collection agency.

I had another child with my then girlfriend and suddenly had a letter from the CSA saying my ex actually wasnt really happy with our private deal and wants the 5000 pounds- so there is my arrears, to be honest i dont dispute the arrears however this figure should go down when i have a DOE but alas it has risen to nearly 8000 pounds and when i ask why nobody knows. Since me and my littlest sons mother have split i asked her to go through the CSA immediatly so i dont build up arrears but alas i find out i owe her over 1500 pounds, How can this be?

My DOE was in place from the beginning and it gets much worse, i have been moved from the old scheme to the new one great i get to pay less NO, because my eldest was getting nearly one hundred pounds a week he couldnt possibly get a lot less so they have PHASING i will gradually pay less so when hes 16 i pay 32.50 the amount my poor lil one recieves now.

i am appalled that one of my children is worth more than the other as is my little ones mother it has come to the point where i will have to forfeit my job so as my children can get an equal amount between them as for the arrears seems they just pluck figures out of thin air and refuse to give me a break down of where my money has gone.


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  1. Ian Longman on December 17th, 2009 9:50 pm

    Hi there,

    I have just been reading your story on here and I have arranged a protest in London in the new year against the CSA.Unfair payments collected by the CSA.

    Please feel free to join us on this protest event this January, go to the news section on this website, send me an e-mail that you’ll be attending.

    Its come to a stage where voices need to be heard about the CSA

    Kind Regards

  2. chall on December 20th, 2009 10:58 am


    Phasing lasts for a max of 5 years or until the new amount is reach, which ever is soonest.

    You really need to establish what has been/ is happening with your case. You can apply for your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown – there is a template letter in the download section at, please be aware that the agency are now charging a £10 fee for this.

  3. N.Samson on April 14th, 2010 4:39 pm

    Its ok that fathers dont like this phasing crap….but what about the mothers who have to put up with what dads think is a fair amount to live on. Also can you see a pattern too. Dads that just go on to breed and breed and breed, never stopping knowing under the new system they can have 15 children and only pay 25% divided by 15….therefore they must think it acceptable that each of their children survive on just a very small amount of their salary. Some mothers work damm hard to support their children because the fathers seem to want their own life now. Never mind the lives they helped to create. The csa is a fair system, not always for everyone, but neither is life.

  4. Gary on November 24th, 2010 5:40 pm

    N.Samson is clueless!! CSA is far from fair and each case should be treated on an individual basis. Most fathers want to pay but it needs to be at amount that they can afford and not force fathers to give up work. If fathers could pay over longer periods for arrears the CSA would be able to recover more money. At the moment it costs the tax payer more to fund the CSA than they collect. Also if a resident parent wants to claim benefit they have to declare what they receive in maintenance however its not taken into consideration, if the non resident parent claims benefit they cant declare the payments they make or declare they have any dependants. That makes the non resident parent seem to have surplus cash even though they are being forced to pay and don’t have the money that it seems they have. Country stinks and has gone to the dogs!!

  5. Jon on December 26th, 2010 10:23 pm

    N Sampson – did you not know it takes 2 to conceive a
    child, so for every breeding man there is a breeding woman. Most of
    us have heard of contraceptive so if women do not want to have
    children when not in a stable marriage they should learn to say no
    or take a trip to the family planning clinic. My ex wife refused me
    access and moved a long way away but still expected me to pay the
    mortgage and support her as well as the kids I did not see so as I
    had nothing to lose I resigned my job and am now on benefits – best
    move I ever made as I have more money to myself. Let my ex wifes
    new bloke pick up the tab – more fool him. When my kids come to
    look for me I will be sure to tell them exactly what my ex-wife did
    and the lies she told to prevent me seeing them. If you dont have a
    big salary, resign as you will be much better off.

  6. Andy Johns on January 25th, 2011 12:57 pm

    Jon, i understand what you are saying but quitting your job isnt the answer, basically you will never work again, now i dont fancy sponging of the government for the rest of my life when im in a position to work, where there are people who cannot work through disability etc, the debt dosnt go away, it just builds and builds, and why should it, yes you dont see your children but hey they are still yours, and they need paying for, when they become at an age when they can make there own decisions and come looking for you, how unhappy will they be to see there dad not working and never paid for them!!! The whole system is wrong but nevertheless kids need paying for and thats that. The csa are now taking fathers to court if they quit there jobs and rightly so, the payments that are paid by the government to mothers for benefits need to be paid back by the fathers, or the national debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger, then we all are finished!!

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