Fed Up Complaining About CSA

February 16, 2010

Don’t get me started on the CSA!!

I was one of the decent chaps. When I seperated from ex a year ago, I left everything and the house to her. I left with 3 black bags of clothes and personal belongings and my car, nothing else that I worked for over the years while she didnt work at all (well, she was found out later that she was advertising herself on the internet as a prostitute) I offered her straight away a reasonable amount for the children based on the CSA calculator. She refused and insisted going to the CSA. Like most fathers, I never once ever wanted to see my children do without but she simply would not take the money from me.

The CSA then got involved and straight away things went very quickly down hill. Firstly, everything my ex partner told them, they took as being the truth. She claimed I didnt have the children at all. LIE No. 1, they stay with me every 2nd weekend and schol holidays. Without warning or my right to appeal, I noticed they arrested my wages. I contacted them about this and said they had sent letters asking for information which I refused to give them. In my defence, I would have responded if they had sent it to the right address and I had known about it!!

They then wanted to set up a direct debit for nearly £900 a month. I have two jobs, £1,500 from one and other job varies between £100 and £250 a month. They didn’t care that I couldnt afford to pay bills, feed myself and new partners children who live with me or struggle to clothe and feed my own children when they visit. They just wanted my money.

I appealed the amount calculated with regards to shared care, which I was succesful in. However, its now 5 months since that appeal and they have still not adjusted payments. I received the appeal outcome the next day! It still wasnt enough for me to fax and send a copy of that decision to them.

Even with the intervention of my local MP, they still dont seem to be in any great hurry to sort their mistakes out. Their phone number costs a fortune to dial and they NEVER once have returned any call or message I have left. Now, when I want to speak to them, I submit it through their complaints website and insist they call me back. On one occasion, I cancelled a direct debit and didnt pay, just so that they would phone me. (I must add, I made payment by credit card as soon as they called me back so have never not paid)

Like, most fathers, the problem is not with paying it, the problem is with the AMOUNT of payments. After outgoings (rent, council tax, bills etc) its not physically possible to pay it, I literally DO NOT have the money, thats the bit they dont understand. My second income is with the retained fire service and is not guarateed, it just depends how busy the previous month was for me.

Another thing that frustrates me, is that my ex partner, for a fact, doesnt spend the money on my children. They visit at weekends with holes in their trousers, my daughter has never had a matching pair of socks on her yet, holes in all socks. Yet, my ex continues to have nights out with her new boyfriend, frequent holidays, all with the kids money! Why do I not get anything to help with looking after my children. £9.74 allowance they give me for staying at weekends, how the hell is this meant to feed, clothe and care for 2 children??!!

A good example of her greed, was this weekend. My 9 year old was in tears and upset all weekend because her Mum told her that Santa wasn’t real and couldnt afford it anyway so she wouldnt be getting much for Christmas. However, her Mum is also going away on Boxing Day for a few days with her boyfriend while the children stay with me. She blamed me for not paying anything towards kids for Christmas, Im sorry but my receipts in excess of £300 a month prove she is LYING again. Any genuine parent, I believe, would see that their children were looked after BEFORE anything else.

What I have always stated to the CSA and my MP is that she should have to prove that the money is being spent on the children, whether its clothing receipts, days out tickets etc. She is taking my money to fund her lifestyle while the innocent amongst us are suffering. If I didnt have such a good career in the emergency services, I too, wouldnt think twice about never working again. I certainly would be so much better off.


  • chall says:

    Hi james,

    If your telephone provider allows you free calls to landlines in their package – pop along to the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk and we can let you have landline phone numbers.

    Your income from your 2nd job (retained firefighter) should NOT be taken into consideration.

    When did your case commence with the agency, before or after 03/03/03?

  • Karen Bedford says:

    Thats the problem the csa system is being abused by both PWC and NRP so like me a PWC doesnt get the correct financial support for their children like some NRP dont pay the correct financial support for their children, so like you who want to do right by their children and some like my ex who doesnt.

    Its the ‘good’ ones who suffer for the ‘bad’ ones.

    Im sorry to hear about your story and hope that you can get it sorted out;

  • graeme says:

    Yet another typical story.

    James, I feel for you mate and you are not alone in this situation. I have a second income as well… my naval pension. However the CSA always take into account all of your income.. main wages, pension , second job etc… they are greedy that way.

  • graeme says:

    Yet another typical story.

    James, I feel for you mate and you are not alone in this situation. I have a second income as well… my naval pension. However the CSA always take into account all of your income.. main wages, pension , second job etc… they are greedy that way.

    It is always the good guys like you and i and many others who suffer at the hands of this money grabbing vile corrupt agency.

    Good luck mate.


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