Ex takes daughter away yet CSA still want my money

March 1, 2010

Some of you anti-NRP’s need to get your heads checked! The vast majority of us DO want to cough up BUT also want to SEE OUR KIDS! My b*tch ex threw me out of the flat we were living in when my daughter was just 2 weeks old…and why? Cos I discovered lovey dovey txts and emails between her and her long time ex? I questioned them and I was thrown out onto the street with the threat of the Police being called. I didn’t lift a finger to her but ALWAYS stood my ground! She is obssessed with mortgages and houses and tried her best to get me to sign up to a £150k mortgage whilst she was six months pregnant…I refused and of course this was the start of all my problems!

Since then my access was reduced to 1 hour every week and then further restricted to one hour evey fortnight in a pub??? Then she shacked up with a new man when my daughter was 7 months old??? During that time she got the CSA onto me and after me providing some facts about the CSA to her via email she then closed the case? Truth of that matter was that she’d be 100 quid worse off with them involved!

Then of course the day before I was due to see my daughter in the ‘pub’ she texted me to say I couldn’t cos my little girl was ill…this was bullsh*t as it was the bank holiday and I knew full well that her and the boyf were going away for the weekend! Since then I have not seen my daughter which was a year ago. Oh and of course when I DID see my little girl she kept saying DADDIE but believe me she wasn’t refering to me!!!!

i have since wrote letters suggesting mediation but they have gone unanswered. I hired a PI who could not find her and even approached her parents (who I used think were nice people) and was told “this matter is between you and our daughter and nothing to do with us” and when I asked where my little girl was living I was ignored…So you anti-NRP idiots just think about that one for a moment…i.e. a FATHER asks where his child is and is IGNORED???? I can’t even begin to imagine how my own father would react to that!!!

As for this new man in her life…well I don’t know who the f*ck he is yet my daughter calls him ‘Dad’??

And after all that THEY STILL WANT MY MONEY???? I’m not to have ANY involvement with my little girl but THEY STILL TAKE MY MONEY???? That is not right!

Some say take it to the family courts…but to be honest I’d rather take a baseball bat to the heads of the mother, her parents and family and also the new boyf! These fucking bastards have NO IDEA what they do to men…NO IDEA!!!

But…in reality my only option is to leave the country. I am learning new skills in a languages and really going to work on my musical skills. Give it a year and I’ll be gone…and so will the money!

NRPS…my advice to you all is to leave and start a new life somewhere else. Even with contact you’ll be forever a walking cashpoint machine! The link was busted the day you given your marching orders! Just turn your backs and get the f*ck out!

Let these scumbags have their way…they have done for the last 20 years and just look at the state of the country…look at the feral kids hanging around the streets! That is the product of a weak anti-male government, CSA, biased family court system and a country that is more concerned about muslims, lesbians, transsexuals then the instituation that was once called the FAMILY.

Vote with your feet and wallets i.e. LEAVE and STOP PAYING!



5 Responses to “Ex takes daughter away yet CSA still want my money”

  1. Brokenfather on March 1st, 2010 3:50 pm

    You have sympathies.

    I havent seen my sons for almost 4 years now, I have no idea where they live, yet the mother who causes this still believes it’s her right to claim child support.

    These worst of mothers have a win win situation, all supported by a free to use CSA ……

  2. Chest Rockwell on March 1st, 2010 5:13 pm


    Why are we not allowed to be ‘Dads’. If I could see my little girl then believe me ‘money’ would never be topic of debate as I pay more than the CSA could ever get out of me!

    However, I know exactly what you’re going through! PWC should actually mean PARENT WITHDRAWS CHILD because that is exactly what SOME (not all) do! Those looking in from the outside just don’t realise what this does to the mental well being of a person i.e. someone who has had their own flesh and blood taken away from them! And then to add insult to injury they demand money????

    I haven’t been the same ever since this all happened! My career is out of the window and all those things that were once part of my personality have now gone forever! All that is left is one hell of a bitter individual! But no…that cannot be expressed as it’s all about the well being of the child??? What about the well being of the parent that is NOT ALLOWED to see their child??? These judges, politicians, CAFCASS, CSA and the other hanger’s on just don’t get it! They don’t understand (more like they do not care) what harm people like my ex do when they withdraw access to people’s kids! They cannot see what that does to a NRP’s head! Yet there is no law or no mechanism in place to prevent a PWC from taking such a sick decision that is not in the best interest of the child or the NRP!

    I care about my little girl but my ex is using my little girl to punish me? And for what? Because I caught her out? Because I didn’t sign my life away for 30 years of debt??

    Well to hell with her and this sick/broken society! They can all swim in their own shit as far as I’m concenred! And yes I’ll keep paying like a good NRP (No Rights Parent)…and then one day the money will STOP and I’ll be far away from this dump!

    As for the anti-NRP brigade: you people have no idea what this is like! You do not have the slightest idea of the pain and suffering that is caused by these sick PWCs. They say that women do not have enough ‘rights’ in this country? Well they certainly have the right to destroy a man in seconds flat! So think about that one if you please!


  3. kerry on March 2nd, 2010 6:27 pm

    Hi my heart goes out to you it really does, but please not all women do this, my ex has done an much the same, I fought in court and got a shared residency order, but to the good old CSA this means S**t.

    I’ve worked hard all my adult life to support my kids and a S**t of a man when I was married to him, now I work to keep him and his new family .

    it does happen to women to and I am ashamed of women that do this.But there are good and bad, evil and good on both sides, I call my ex the PWC. Parent with Control. This is domestic abuse and the good old CSA encourage this behaviour, so many can sit on their arses all day, I don’t see any benefit to the kids, do you ? Just teaches them this is exceptable and it doesn’t pay to go out to work.

  4. Dougie on August 12th, 2010 3:56 pm

    C S A take hundreds of pounds from me every month for my 2 kids and my acsess time is 3 hours a month my ex run off with the entire sale money from our sold home a 30 grand car i never new were they were for months i was in Edinburgh and found out the were in Bristol there is a lot more to this story i we had a rest for 10 years she even tried to sell that behind my back now through caf cas which seems to be run by unie drop outs i see my kids for 36 hours a year thats right 36 hours a year i have had to move to bristol from scotland as i would not let her brake my bond with them were is the justice dad get no help what so ever we are just sperm banks in all ways i would like to hear from guys in the same position we could try to put somthing together this has to stop it cant go on fell free to email and and lets stand up and be counted lads Dougie

  5. Chest Rockwell on August 26th, 2010 9:02 pm

    Dougie, I hope you get this mate, I’ve recently FOUND my ex and my girl…after 12 months of them evading me and the ex’s parents and friends IGNORING my requests for their whereabouts I finally located them and the ex and her new boyfriend’s love nest! I employed a damn good but expensive PI who was well prepared to break every rule in the book to find the bitch…and yeah he did just that! Last Friday he walked into her place of work and SERVED her the family court docs…she was shocked! F*cking classic! Now her and the boyf have put their house (his house) up for rent??? I’m shocked…but you know what? I’ll pursue that bitch till my dying days! She WILL NOT get one over me! I will FIGHT to see my girl. Chest

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