Ex lies to CSA about his income

March 8, 2010

I have a 2 and a half year old whose father refuses to pay a penny to her upbringing. He refuses to see her and even resents the fact the rest of his family see her.

Over to the csa I contacted them after he flat out refused to pay child maintanence. They couldnt trace him, he isnt registered as liing with his new partner so couldnt find the address. The only address they did get was his mums, Where he has his bank registered and also where his tax returns go as hes self employed.

So now the income. He is self employed and has admitted to being paid 15 an hour and works 40 hour weeks. He refused to contact the csa so they had to go to the inland revenue for his income and said he only had to pay 5 a week. As it turns out he doesnt declare all income from jobs where he recieved cash in hand. CSA say they can do nothing without proof that his income is higher. Regardless he still refuses to pay even this much.

CSA say they can make variations if the absent parents lifestyle doesnt match the income used in the calculation. He has a partner who doesnt work a step son and a new baby. he doesnt claim any kind of benefits and has savings of over 2000 saved in the space of 2 months which i have proof of. so on 100 a week how do you support a family of 4 even with benefits claimed by his partner on 100 a week and save 2000? And also buy everything you need for a new baby, 600 for the pram system and 400 for the cot all paid in full by him.

CSA say they cant do anything.

So he gets away with paying nothing while getting nearly 900 a week ( I also have some proof this is what he earns a week.) and I work nights at weekends (pays higher) and struggle trying to buy everything our daughter needs.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Hi, have you complainted, gone to your MP, etc.,?

    I will print out your story and all others I can find similar (similar to mine) and take with me tomorrow and give to Helen Goodman MP, hope thats ok.

  • chall says:

    Hi N Higginstoun,

    It is up to the applicant to show life style in most respects is inconsistent with the level of income on which the calculation is made and that the NRP is able to afford and indulge.

    However, a variation would not be allowed if it is clear that the lifestyle is paid for by ie;
    1) Income which is or would be disregarded for the purposes of a maintenance calculation under the Maintenance Calculations and Special Cases Regulations OR
    2) Income which falls to be considered under regulation 19(4) (diversion of income) OR
    3) The income of any partner of the non-resident parent except where the non-resident parent is able to influence or control the amount of income received by that partner OR
    4) Is financed by borrowing.

  • Alison says:

    I am afraid the csa will do nothing! I have completed all the forms, lifestyle inconsistent with income, etc.. if the father says he is earning £100 a week, and you know he spends that on a light lunch, you can do nothing. They really dont care. My ex hasnt paid for years, even though he has my company, that turns over about a million a year, drives my sports car, has stolen all my money… emotionally abused my kids. CSA are powerless against these type of men. Apparently he is too poor to pay anything for his kids. So i have to sell everything I have to keep food on the table.
    Something must be done to stop these men! You cant even take them to court, as you cant afford a lawyer! In my experience the CSA have been the most incompetent organisation I have ever come across, losing files, taking 2 years to come back on applications to contest their decisions… and all the while the wife and kids go without. Men aren’t made to back pay either, even if they are found to be lying!
    Sorry to be so negative, but the system needs to be seriously reviewed.

  • Matt says:

    My ex has applied several times for a variation (Diversion of income into a pension) on all 2 occations the Csa have rejected her application.

    Now on a 3rd application the diversion of income into a pension has again been rejected by the csa, however the CSA are refereing it to tribunal as the ex has also added income inconsistent with lifestyle. Ex has claimed I am a director and have my own business – I am not this is just rubbish.

    I now await the tribunal date, has anyone experience or advise they can offer how I can fight this and stop the evil ex ever trying this again?

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