Ex lied to CSA about my payments to her

April 23, 2010

I have always supported my children financially. 6 years ago csa contacted me stating that I needed to maintence for my 2 children. When I contacted them they advised me that my ex-partner stated that I was not paying maintence. When I confronted her she stated that she could not tell them that she was, because she would be done for fraud, due to her receiving child benefits.

When I contacted the csa again they stated due to me not having reciepts I was liable, because I could not prove that I was giving my ex money. At that stage the csa allowed me to make direct payments to my ex, due to them making mistake with the payments they were taking from me and putting into my ex bank account. 4 years on now my daughter is now 19, immediately the csa contacted me and advised me to stop paying my ex and that they are going to take 40% of my wages starting from this month. although I have tried to come to some arrangements that I would be able to afford they are refusing to listen to my circumstances and are now dictating how I should live.

It would appear that I am being force into finnacial ruin and will have to give up my job and live in poverty. Since the recent contact with csa I am not sleeping or eating properly, making wrong decisions especially when I am driving, due to feeling stressed and not having any hope for a positive future anymore.

I seriously can understand why people commit suicide when ther seems to be no point in living.