Earnings dropped, CSA still want the same amount

January 15, 2010

I wish to have some advice.

My brother, who is a non residence parent, has his payment to the CSA taken automatically out of his wage. Recently he has been unable to work, as a result, he has not receieved a full month’s wage for a number of months. He has been on the sick. Yet the CSA still take the same amount of money from his monthly wages, leaving him with not enough money to live on and seriously overdrawn. Surely, the CSA take a percentage of one’s wage. Why then isn’t the percentage reduced when wages are reduced?

Please would you advise on any steps he could or should be taking. He is now suffering from depression and very rarely is allowed access to his daughter.

Many thanks


  • Brokenfather says:

    Has he actually told the CSA that his income is reduced?

  • chall says:

    Hi Tash,

    As ‘Brokenfather’ has said – has your brother inform the agency?

    Your brother is responsible for keeping the agency up today with his circumstances. If he hasn’t already he needs to send wages slips (2 if paid monthly. 5 if paid weekly) to the agency to prove his income has decreased to enable a reassessment. The agency will only take into account any change from the date they were notified.

    Also on a DOE his employer should not take him below his protected income level.

    More help and info in the forum http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • McNALLY says:

    My wages dropped,and I went on a 3 day week,I notified the ******* at csa and they started to take more than 40% of my wages,dozens of phone calls DAILY,for months on end,they made my employer pay the money,and then left me with thousands of pounds arrears,no home and as much debt as you like..F*** them

  • Charlotte Grantham says:

    This is the same as my poor partner, his ex wife took off with his children 7 years ago, he doesnt even know where they are (and has searched the country) but the CSA still demand money! His company went down to a 3 day week last year and both him and the woman in his work office who deals with wages both rang up to inform them of this over 1 year later they have now said they will reduce it BUT because throughout that who year he was not paying the full amount (although they were informed straight away!) they have not back dated the payment start date and say he owes nearly £3000 so he must now pay as much as before anyway!!!
    He said this cant be right as they told him the minimum they can leave him with is £192 a week to live on and this will drop below that…….SO THEY DROPPED HIS MINIMUM EARN SO NOW THEY ARE SAYING THE MINIMUM HE CAN TAKE HOME IS £132 JUST TO ACCOMIDATE THERE COCK UP!! We have 3 children together and 1 on the way how on earth are we supposed to live???

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