I am pursuing an advance payment of arrears from CMS

June 17, 2016

CSA now CMS needs to be overhauled if I am honest. They need a innovative strategy that meets the needs of 21st century single parents or parents with children from former relationships. I’m not sure the revamped CMS quite does it.

We do not live in the perfect world were all NRP’s (Non resident parents) pay child maintenance and support their children from previous relationships. If we did, there would be no such need for a Read more

CSA wants money I do not have

June 16, 2016

I earn around £350 a month and the csa want £576 a month. they have said I haven’t given them 2 payslips when I have only received 0ne payment they have said the 30 days notice is up and I have to take them to court. in the meantime they have said I still have to make that payment of £576 which is impossible.

their is a lot more info.

can you help

CSA took my ex’s word for it and ignored me

June 14, 2016

Hi, Just like all the absent parents I have paid every month over and above what the CSA suggested I paid then I had a call from them out of the blue 8 years ago.

The fact that when they did get involved my payments actually reduced which obviously didn’t please my Ex.. They contacted me again suggesting that they pay in month in advance and I confirmed to them I did also of which they agreed. They then contacted me a week later and informed me that I had to pay them an additional months money as my Ex had Read more

Can CSA make an assessment discarding all my expenses?

June 10, 2016

I have just had a letter saying the csa will have an order of sale on my property in a few weeks time. They have already emptied my bank account of over £7000 and have a charge order for another £7400. The maintainance assessment was produced showing zero living expenses incurred by myself which is how they arrived at the figure of around £14400. Are they able to make an assessment showing no expenses whatsoever by myself?

CSA taking so much to cover arrears that I won’t be able to afford maintenance payments

June 8, 2016

Just been told that the CSA will use a DEO and intend to take 40% of my monthly income over 3 months to clear arrears. That will mean me being unable to pay my rent for 3 months – which will mean me losing my accommodation and therefore my job – which will mean having to apply for state benefits until I find another job, which could ages – which means I cannot pay any more maintenance in the meantime. Where is the sense in that?

CSA trying to claim arrears from 20 years ago!

June 7, 2016

The CSA have just issued me an earnings order for a loan my ex took out in July 1996. I paid diligently each and every month until the case was closed in May 2014. I received a letter of confirmation shortly after stating the account was closed and no arrears were owed.  2 years later they say due to an oversight on their part a sum of £3,400 is owed due to the loan mentioned earlier from July 1996! 20 years ago! How the hell is this legal? What can I do to fight it?

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