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CSA trying to claim arrears from 20 years ago!

The CSA have just issued me an earnings order for a loan my ex took out in July 1996. I paid diligently each and every month until the case was closed in May 2014. I received a letter of confirmation shortly after stating the account was closed and no arrears were owed.  2 years later they say due to an oversight on their part a sum of £3,400 is owed due to the loan mentioned earlier from July 1996! 20 years ago! How the hell is this legal? What can I do to fight it?

13 thoughts on “CSA trying to claim arrears from 20 years ago!

  1. Sounds crazy to me, please appeal it. Really annoying when you have a good conscientious parent who pays maintenance every month for their children. They should go after the parents who evade paying, not the good ones like you. Hope you get it sorted.

  2. It gets even stranger now! The earnings order letter states to make an appeal you have to contact your local magistrates. I have done this and been advised that they cannot do anything about it as its so old it’s not legally enforceable! I have this evening contacted the CSA again and have been told that yes it’s not enforceable. I asked to make a complaint but they refused to raise one saying this doesn’t meet their criteria for a formal complaint. The only person that can sort this out is my case handler, however they have informed me, by accident, that she is away on holiday! What do I do now? They have legally enforced something that’s not legally enforceable and will not allow me to query it. I can’t appeal as the case is outside of their standard protocol! I’ve contacted my local MP for advice and had nothing back!

  3. was paying maintenance every month up till last year for two kids .then x wife pout son out and he’s stayed with me ever sins . there is a shared care for our daughter and agreement was maid that x would support daughter and I would support our son.
    I’ve now been contacted by csa or what there called now and demanding I pay 154 a month for my daughter who only is with my x part of the time and my son permanent with me.x does not provide anything for my daughter when she comes down so there expecting me to do it twice. The x is not working. not that she cant work she dosent want to. Paying such a amount for one is going to leave me in poverty and when asking them the question why they will leave me in poverty to give her so shes not in poverty why is it acseptable to pout the working parent into poverty they have still not answered the question .Sins when was it up to one parent to support the kids and why does the kids have to go without when at mine ther is a equality issue .they are not willing to take on board any of my bills but said it be difrent if the x was staying in the house not me .what’s the difference she’s still on the mortgage and I have to pay the hole thing to keep a roof over our heads . cant sell It and cant remortgage because she wont sign any papers.

  4. p.s. child maintenance have a responsibility to make sure kids are cared for at both parents not just at their MOTHERS. and forcing the working parent into poverty is harmful to the development and wellbeing of the kids.

  5. p.s. last time I had to sit in temperatures of -6 and colder with heating on for 2 hours because of the amount they were charging .now I am the sole carer for our son and shared care for our daughter so how am I supposed to support them when at mine .with hopes and dreams.

  6. It’s now closed. An audit showed that I did not owe any £1,000!!!!!!!

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