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CSA took my ex’s word for it and ignored me

Hi, Just like all the absent parents I have paid every month over and above what the CSA suggested I paid then I had a call from them out of the blue 8 years ago.

The fact that when they did get involved my payments actually reduced which obviously didn’t please my Ex.. They contacted me again suggesting that they pay in month in advance and I confirmed to them I did also of which they agreed. They then contacted me a week later and informed me that I had to pay them an additional months money as my Ex had contacted them I said I had been a month behind and paid in arrears.

I said to them that is totally wrong and then a heated discussion took place and I stated what evidence did my ex provide you that she is correct and im wrong. They eventually said that she didn’t give or offer any evidence other than verbally but they believe her and not me.

I could not believe what I was hearing and told them name me any other agency court or anyone else that would just believe one person verbally and not the other one verbally. No wonder they are all out of a job and the whole process is being moved elsewhere.

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