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I am pursuing an advance payment of arrears from CMS

CSA now CMS needs to be overhauled if I am honest. They need a innovative strategy that meets the needs of 21st century single parents or parents with children from former relationships. I’m not sure the revamped CMS quite does it.

We do not live in the perfect world were all NRP’s (Non resident parents) pay child maintenance and support their children from previous relationships. If we did, there would be no such need for a government service such as CMS.

I am new to this site and have read a few posts and it is interesting seeing views from both sides of the table. What we all need to understand is that everyone’s situation is different and there are some individuals who are reliant on government support others who can reach an amicable agreement without intervention.

I am currently pursuing an advance payment of arrears from CMS former CSA due to mal-administration from the department which led to an excessive amount of arrears being billed in one sum to my ex partner. I will keep you posted on the outcome but if anyone is interested in the criterion CMS apply they can be found through an FOI from a Mr Robertson, just Google advance payment of arrears Mr Robertson CSA, it incorporates many interesting facts about the CSA.

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