Should I pay CSA if the son doesn’t benefit?

March 28, 2015

I have recently got back in contact with my 17 year old son.he has left home and is living in a hostel.

He also no longer attends college and is seeking employment.

As he does not live with his mam and is not in education do I still need to pay csa as I feel my son does not benefit.

How can I be in arrears if I pay more than I owe?

March 28, 2015

I have two boys and I am meant to pay 16% of my gross earnings, as I am with the Child Maintenance Service.

My earnings have never changed and I have a payment schedule that totals I should pay £1200 more in a year than what 16% actually totals.

I have called and emailed through their portal to be told “We’ll get it out in writing to you…” when it still doesnt explain the difference! Also to make matters worse, they say I am in £700 arrears – when I have never missed a payment or been short?!

How can I get answers and this resolved!

Why must I pay more if CSA’s schedule was wrong?

March 27, 2015

So ive done everything right, the CSA got involved, I complied with everything they requested, they then give my company a schedule of payments after a review, that’s all fine.

I agree I should pay towards my child’s welfare… that was 2013 aparently and this schedule ran out last November (I was unaware) and my company finished paying and waited for another yearly review to come in.

It never did and my ex told me at the weekend she hadn’t had any money and would contact the CSA, I was fine with that, now they got back to me and told me I hadn’t been paying and I was now in arrears.

I understood and accepted that, then they hit me with it! I now have to pay over double the amount for 2 years!! because their schedule of payments was wrong! And I wasn’t paying enough, how the hell is that fair?

So now I have to pay for their cock up and I’ve never had a single complaint from the ex about not having enough money, so why does she need more? And um always buying my daughter clothes and shoes, so there’s no way she needs all that money, what can I do?

How am I supposed to pay?

March 27, 2015

Hi I can’t afford to pay for csa my out going bill’s are more than what I earn.

If I have to pay I will no be able to pay for my insurens and travel costs.

I don’t know what to do help me and give me some advice please.

What are my options?

March 27, 2015

What it is my son is nearly 19 month and his dad is working but doesnt have anything to do with my son (his choice) and i’ve been told he can pay for his son as he has not paid for anything.

Is this true?

What can we do about DNA claim?

March 26, 2015

A girl is claiming that my boyfriend is the dad to her child she has asked for a DNA test which he is happy to give.

However he has went onto the internet and bought one ( £145 ) whenever he gets in contact with her to arrange to do the DNA test she doesnt reply back.

What can we do about this?

Why can’t I talk about my own account?

March 26, 2015

Hi. i am trying to get thru to CSA.I can not get thru security.

I was on the phone to a very helpfull guy then when i rang back to say i didnt want to proceed wiht the csa they failed me on security.

Why can’t the CSA deal with lying ex?

March 26, 2015

My sons father has done everything possiable to get out of paying csa he has lied cheated and lied some more.

I get a miserable £15 a month off his dad for the up keep of my child his father owns several properties which he signed over to his ex wife to avoid paying me he has several cars.

He is a self employed builder who only gets £125 a week in wages which i know is rubbish yet the csa decide he has paid to much csa so they give him back the money he has overpaid poor little poppet.

How can CSA staff sleep at night?

March 25, 2015

I have been waiting 17years to get money from the csa am owed 25, ex had an accident 5years ago and has been given 100s of thousands pounds and has brought a nice three bedroom house and still the csa has done nothing about it…

Time they pulled the finger out.. my kids have had nothing all these years.

Shame on them sat there doing nothing for there wages each week how can they can sleep at night…

Cruel CSA forcing me on benefits

March 25, 2015

Just had an attachment of earnings order for £100 a week for an 18 year old case, I won’t be able buy food after rent coutax as I only work 4days/30 hrs a week.

Being forced to give up work and go on benefits, how cruel of the c.s.a to do this to me.

It’s been 16 yrs since I saw the kid as the mum wouldn’t have a DNA test.

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