Why must I pay more if CSA’s schedule was wrong?

March 27, 2015

So ive done everything right, the CSA got involved, I complied with everything they requested, they then give my company a schedule of payments after a review, that’s all fine.

I agree I should pay towards my child’s welfare…..so that was 2013 aparently and this schedule ran out last November (I was unaware) and my company finished paying and waited for another yearly review to come in.

It never did and my ex told me at the weekend she hadn’t had any money and would contact the CSA, I was fine with that, now they got back to me and told me I hadn’t been paying and I was now in arrears.

I understood and accepted that, then they hit me with it! I now have to pay over double the amount for 2 years!! because their schedule of payments was wrong! And I wasn’t paying enough, how the hell is that fair?

So now I have to pay for their cock up and I’ve never had a single complaint from the ex about not having enough money, so why does she need more? And um always buying my daughter clothes and shoes, so there’s no way she needs all that money, what can I do?


  • Adam says:

    It’s all sorted now, the csa have been cut out and we have our own agreement….have to say avoid them at all cost, much easier to do it yourselves

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