CSA withholding payments

June 9, 2010

My problems started in March of this year when my child support didn’t go into my account as normal, for the past 8 years i’ve never had a problem with it being late, i’m lucky enough to have an ex who pay’s my child support on time, and has never missed a payment, so for this to happen was unusual.

I was told, that my claim had been reassed, and they payment had gone onto a secondary system, once the payment had been made, if it didnt come over to the normally system automatically they had to wait 8 working days before they could request it.

From requesting the payment it would then take upto 15 working days to go into my account, but would probably arrive sooner, it did’nt, so from my ex paying them the money it took over 3 weeks for me to recieve it, i was also told that i shouldn’t rely on these payments as they are not always reliable! being that my ex has paid it every month for the last 8 yrs without fail i obviously did rely on that money.

So i then asked if it would happen again the next month, i was told they would put what they call an inhibitor on the account which “should” stop it from happening again.

Unfortunatly it did, so i obviously called them again and was told the same thing as the month before, i was also informend that the reference number my ex used to pay them must be wrong! which i questioned with how??? being that he’d paid using the same ref for 8 yrs without a problem, i was told it can just happen!!!!!!

I then asked about the inhibitor, and was told it would be put in place for Mays payment, when that didn’t come through i immediatly called them to find out what had happened and was told the same again, so i waited out the 15 working days, when that was up and the money wasnt in my account, i rang them again to find out that the money hadnt been requested from the secondary system, it was done the 1st june, that was mays payment which i still havent recieved, i also asked if the inhibitor had been put in place to make sure junes payment would go through as normal they said it would, i have now found that this months payment has gone onto that secondary system again, so i won’t recieve junes payment untill the 1st of july. all in all i have no money to pay my bills. Any advice on what i should do next?


  • chall says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Has the payment method that your ex uses changed – ie; paying in slip to deduction of earnings?

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  • Karen Bedford says:

    You are probably on the clerical system I believe, as this happened to me, it says on their system gone to you but it hasnt, you have to keep chasing, keeping on the ball with it, etc. but I would check with you ex (if you get on well with them) about the payment in and out of their bank account, etc. to monitor it.

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