CSA want to father to pay £900 for child he lives with

July 12, 2008

This is another of those classic CSA mistakes. Now they’re trying to force a father to pay them £900 for his child, so they can give it to the mother. That seems fine, but he lives with them, they’re still together! So the CSA want this guy to take out his money, hand it over to them, so they can give back to her, and subsequently him.

In true CSA style they’ve refused to accept any mistakes have been made on their part, and have even lied about letters they’ve sent. They’re threatening to seize the father’s bank account, passport, driving license and even send him to prison, if he doesn’t pay what effectively amounts to himself.

You can read the story of this latest child support agency cock-up in our CSA advice forum.


  • kc says:

    how dumb are these people at times
    if both mum and dad tax and rent/morgage and all other bills show mum and dad living together they cant take money lol
    what insalent plonkers
    not in bolton by any chance?

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