CSA want my war pension

April 15, 2010

I was asked to pay csa in 2006 for my son. Iwas told that there was £841 arrears on my account from 2003 i accepted these and arrange to pay £57 a month as i was not working to pay something off the arrears and make the normal monthly payment aswell. In 2007 i recieved a letter saying that my payments where being reduced to £22 per month i phoned the csa over this and they told me that this was due to the arrears being paid off. He set up a new schedule with me and i paid this till eight weeks ago when another letter came saying there was arrears on my account of £245

I phoned the csa over this and they said they would look into it and phone me back THEY NEVER.

2 weeks later i phoned them and they said the same and that if i wanted to complain to write a letter to them (whats the point they would only say they never recieved it ) she told me she would ring me back to sort this out THEY NEVER DID.

This has been going on for eight weeks me calling them to get no answers and all they re interested in is what my income is because i have recently recieved a war pension and because my wife now works and we have two children. They are taking my child tax credit and war pension into account but i still have no answers as what is going on i have not seen my son in 10 years i dont know where he is i have tried to get access but i have heard nothin from either my ex wife or her solicitor.

I am at witts end.


  • graeme says:

    Hi Steve

    Unfortunately they can do this. I know its not fair, however in their booklet that claim a pension as an income no matter what is for, disability, war etc.

    I have a pension from the Armed forces as well and they always include this in my assessments. Yet again another failing by this corrupt and scandalous agency.

    We have served this country, our Queen and Goverment for the years we were in uniform, yet the Goverment idly stands by and shafts us left, right and centre.
    They make a mockery of the uniforms we once wore. I am passionate about this. To think that we walked the wall to protect this scum. That goes for the police officers, firemen and women, all emergency services etc.. who daily have to put their live on the line and yet they are getting shafted by this abhorrent agency. It makes me sick.

    I now feel that if I was to come across a CSA worker in distress I would idly stand by and watch them suffer. Like they cause the untold suffering to everyone else. Apologies if this offends anyone, but these are my views.

    You could try Child Support Solutions in Birmingham, they may be able to help you out. I dont know.

    Dont let them grind you down.


  • melanie parton says:

    I toally agree takin a pension disability muny or childs money is disgusting on any level

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