CSA want my bank accounts disclosed

December 8, 2009

I am currently facing my 13th appeal/review brought by my ex-wife. We divorced about 7 years ago and for the past 3 – 4 years I have lived with my partner, her 3 children and our young son.

Basically because of my current situation the CSA had stated I was not liable to make any maintenance payments. That makes life difficult becasue my ex-wife is one of those mothers who believe there is a direct correllation between handing over money and access to your children.

Anyway, the Tribunal have decided in their infinite wisdom that they were going to provide my ex-wife with copies of bank and credit card statements for a 12 month period. Bearing in mind she has been guilty of disclosure 3 times in the Family Courts (and warned by a judge about future conduct) I protested. I told the tribunal that my bankers were alarmed that this could easily facilitate a security breach and compromise my bank accounts. Having provided the Tribunal with all the information they have requested they have now said that if I do not give my permission they will cite it as non-compliance and assume my income to be more than 3 times what it actually is.

Who will be responsible if my bank accounts are defrauded?



  • Andy says:

    I would think this is a breech of data protection act if they pass your details without your consent

  • Mark says:

    Apparently if I do not consent it is considered a refusal to comply. The Data Protection & Human Rights Acts do stipulate that all data necessary to form a defence/prosecution etc should be made available to all parties – even at a tribunal which is the lowest form of court.

    I have now asked them to black out account details and any reference numbers on the statements.

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