CSA want me to pay arrears when I wasn’t working

February 27, 2010

have always worked and paid CSA payments. Unfortunately two years ago I lost my job, I received JSA for six months and the CSA deducted the Flat rate of £5 per week from my benefit.

When my benefit ceased, I called the CSA and told them, they confirmed that I didn’t need to pay anything as I no longer received an income.

Eighteen months later, I receive an Enforcement Letter for £1500 worth of arrears. They can’t really explain what these are for and they have records of the phone call I made confirming that I didn’t need to pay. Now they are insisting that I need to pay the arrears.

Out of what, I am not sure as I have no income. I live with my new partner and our two small children. My new partner works part time and recieves an income and Child Tax Credit.

The Child Tax Credit is paid to my partner for our two children, yet the CSA are demanding that part of this now needs to go to my ex for my 18 year old son.

How can this possibly be fair. I am responsible for my son, not my new partner and If I had a job I would be paying maintenance. As I am not working, it cannot possibly be deemed reasonable for my new partner to take her tax credits which are surely for our children and give them to my ex? HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL. I have checked on the CSA website and can find no information relating to Child Tax Credit


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  1. chall on February 28th, 2010 5:00 pm

    Hi l sto,

    On CS2, child tax credits are deemed as income of the non resident parent.

  2. Elizabeth Cook on March 4th, 2010 11:50 pm

    Yes unfortunately it is legal. I even got my Labour MP involved who wrote to them explaining it was dispicable they were forcing my children to pay for my husbands child as he wasn’t working but they made her look completely stupid when they wrote back explaining it was her government who made the law that allowed them to do just that! Despite the fact that we get those CTC because we have children not husbands….and we have been deemed poor enough to be eligible…makes me sick! Did you also know if you don’t tell them you get tax credits they cannot go behind your back and ask the DWP for your details. You have to actually tell them you get tax credits even if it’s on the phone then they can.


  3. Athena on March 14th, 2010 8:55 pm

    How is this not fair? If you begin a relationship with someone who has children, surely you take on some responsibility for those children? If a man isn’t working but living off his partner, even though he has children somewhere else, who is going to support them….or perhaps once he leaves one set of children and has another, you think that those first children no longer cost any money? That it’s okay for them to go without so long as his new children are happy and cared for?

    This kind of double standard makes me sick and women who get themselves pregnant to men who don’t support the children they already have are both selfish and foolish. Selfish because they’re basically saying it’s okay to go round fathering children and then leaving them in poverty. Foolish because if he didn’t support the first lot, why would he treat the next lot any differently?

  4. bradytes on May 21st, 2010 7:23 pm

    why does everyone assume the man is just some irresponsible git who has upped and left because he lacks maturity and morals? My partner and the most wonderful daddy to our daughter, left his ex after she had sordid sex with his best mate. I think that was pretty justified. Since then she’s behaved in the same vicious revengeful way towards him. Their child wears rags because child care is quite a long way down on her list. Her elder daughter from a previous man is aged 17 and expecting her second child. These women trap men, get pregnant then use them as a meal ticket via the csa. My partner was unemployed for 3 years and was single for that time but the csa want 10k arrears from him. So, go figure that! I hate the csa and i equally hate the sorts of loose women who trap men and use them. Hopefully

  5. j on September 14th, 2012 12:43 am

    I was a PWC and an NRP, my liability started when my grown up child got their own place and I returned to work. I was on a low income, without asking my circumstances the csa applied a DEO, at first the amount being deducted was bearable but increased every week (to collect arrears) until it reached a point where I was left with about £55pw. I was better off on benefits. After just one year I gave up a job I enjoyed as I couldnt afford to go to work anymore. (someone should tell them 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing) My new partner looked after me as they were working full time. A solicitor told me that it my new partners wage is not my income and can not be part of an assessment. My new partner has paid for me to maintain contact and has paid for holidays for my children. I see no reason why my new partner should pay for my kids, in fact if it wasnt for the greed and stupidity of the csa I could afford to pay for them myself. (and be a taxpayer in the economy) I have every sympathy with the original contributor on this thread. If the child tax credits are paid to your new partner for the benefit of your children from this relationship (is that right?) then why should your ex get any of it? Perhaps if you and your new partner ‘spilt up’ they would leave her income alone? Maybe thats what they want. What a disgusting organisation.

  6. mikeb2102 on November 27th, 2012 6:28 pm

    I am in a slightly similar situation, I am a full time father to my 3 year old, I am receiving income support and child tax credits and the CSA are chasing me for an £8000 debt to my other children (I am fighting this, as I think they have their figures wrong. I have also requested all the information they have on me from the data protection office in Newcastle, it costs about £10 but hopefully I’ll be a lot clearer on where they have got their figure from, unfortunately the phone records I’ve requested only go back 18 months). They have put an order in place to take £5 from my benefits each week, the way I see it though is, I am not claiming child maintenance for my daughter I have care of and the money they are taking is money that could be used to bring up my daughter. I know I am within my rights to claim maintenance, but I choose not to, if a parent can’t provide for his/her child on the money the government pays you then there is something far wrong. I am just waiting for them to reassess the claim, as I have provided them with tax information for the last six years and working it out myself I have cut the debt down substantially. Now I am not disputing that I have a debt, I would just like to know exactly how they have come to this figure, and I would also be allowed to pay it amicably, rather than the bully boy tactics they use. I would rather say a figure to them and they say “that’s fine”, what I don’t like is them saying “you have to pay X amount”, and you have to deal with it whether you can afford it or not.

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