CSA uses children to generate income

May 11, 2010

My husband has just been hit with a massive bill from the csa . unbeknown to him until recently the csa have been chasing him for a number of years as his ex partner had them involved from when my husband and her were still living together . in the mean time he has been contributing regularly for his children not thinking anymore of it only now to be hit with this bill and being expected to pay £220 plus a week.

when in contact with the csa all you get off them is prove you’ve paid this money when as it was understood the agreement he and his ex had was amicable. she however has 3 children 2 different fathers, recieves and doesn’t declare money from her oldest childs father also but has never got the csa onto him, and has recieved benefits all her life with no intention of working , i have 2 children and have worked all my life so the government doesnt care what i recieve from my childrens father £30 a week but he also has to live and have a life but sometimes i feel why is one persons children worth so much more money than the next.

surely this agency would recieve more payments from as they call them absent fathers if they decided what it costs realistically to bring up a child and capped it off and made it fair all across the board for everybody . and if it costs my husband over £200 a week for his children that he is now not even allowed contact with because his ex has moved a new man into her home then where is her £200 a week towards raising these children. the csa just bully my husband and hit him with legal jargon that he doesnt understand and he feels the only way out of this is to quit his job making our family poor and his children from his previous relationship no better off . what a stupid uncaring system when the more you work the worse off you are.

What is more annoying is the fact that my husband left his ex after finding her in bed with another man it beggars belief that he is seen as being some uncaring d**k who wont and doesnt want to provide for his children when he does. i wish that allthe men being bullied and harrassed by this system would stand together and refuse to pay through the csa until it is sorted out and things can actually be put in place for the sake of the children not as a way for these vicious exes to get their payback. children are not a source of income i personally know it does not cost over 200 a week to feed and clothe 2 children and things such as shoes . trainers, clothes and days out should also be taken into consideration as these aren’t gifts but neccessities how is my husband to be expected to pay over £200 a week pay towards our own bills and mortgage then pay for all the extra ‘[email protected] they say on top.

come on if my husband does work hard and gets paid a decent wage surely we should also be able to enjoy some of that money. his ex partner recieves more from him a week not going to work than i do going to work and i work 27 hours a week . come on csa get real


  • chall says:

    Hi abbie rivers,

    What date did the case commence with the agency and can your OH prove that he and his ex where still living together at that time? – if he can, it may well negate the case, as the same address as the parent with care can not be used as a confident address for the non resident parent.

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  • charlie says:

    i really feel for you and am going through a similar case. lets hoope this new government will be a bit more stricter on these awlful women who take take take. its not about the kids for them, its about what money they can get for themselves! its terrible. they use these poor innocent children to get at their ex. i mean com on, grown up! you want money go out and work for it like the rest of us do!

  • Frank says:

    Hi Abbie,

    Your post demonstrates how unfair the CSA system is. Its bad news in this country if you are a father who cares about his children. There are vindictive women out there who use the CSA just as a top-up to their benefits, many of them are actually committing benefit fraud (they must declare this income to the Department of Work & Pensions).

    My ex spends the extortionate CSA money that I pay on Bingo & clubbing. She gets so much money in benefits but she maintains that she is always skint, and then she has the audacity to ask me for more money when I see my 2 young children (every weekend). They have effectively destroyed my career as its not worth me working anymore and I am better off unemployed even though I do want to work.

    I love my children, and always pay for them & want to see them, but the financial pressure is immense. The CSA dont realise (more likely dont care) that it is the children that get hurt in the end. I cannot take them anywhere where it costs money as I cannot afford it. NRP’s should care about their children and pay for them, but the system should be reasonable and not based on dictatorial extortionist methods.

    The CSA makes up arrears as they are go along. I have (yet!) another complaint about this and the excuses I have received for fluctuating arrears are hilarious. Their whole system is flawed but they will not fix it when they can drain NRP’s dry with their Stealth Tax (for that is what it is).

    Something you might find interesting, through an acquaintance with insider knowledge I have found out that the CSA has £40million in their Bank Accounts from NRP’s. So much for caring about the welfare of children eh!

    I agree that dads should keep the faith – strength in numbers.

    Wishing you good luck.

  • Average Joe says:

    As of April this year, benefits are not affected by any maintenance paid.

    Personally, this is good and bad. GOOD in that all the money paid by the NRP goes to the QC. BAD in that it is a further encouragement for PWC’s to have more children and not work and CONTRIBUTE towards the upkeep of their children!!!

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