CSA took my kids’ Christmas money

February 9, 2010

I just wanted to share this with you all, because I am on the verge of giving up.

I’m a 37-year-old professional, earning around 20k a year. I split up with my ex-wife back in 2006. We have two children.

From the moment we split, the CSA was on my back. I paid about 140 quid a month for the two kids, who I had 50/50 access to.

Then, in June this year, I opened my pay packet to discover the CSA had taken 495 as an attachment from earnings. I had no idea why, so I phoned them.

They kindly explained that my schedule had been recalculated, I had underpaid and they were going to claim it back directly from my employer at 40 per cent of my gross. According to their records, I only had my son one night a week and didn’t see my daughter at all.

I told them this wasn’t the case, so they said they’d speak to my ex-wife to verify what I had said.

So, here I am, six months on and 3k down and still no resolution. My ex, who is on benefits and can’t be bothered to get out of bed in the morning, has ignored the CSA’s numerous calls, letters etc.

I have repeatedly asked her, I’ve emailed, phoned and written to the CSA explaining my dire circumstances.

The situation I face today, on December 22, 2009, is this.

I have paid my rent of 400 quid from the 770 quid I had left after the deduction. That leaves me with 370 quid. Then comes my council tax of 200 quid. That’s 170 quid left. Now my car tax of 20 quid. That’s 150 quid left. Then my utilities, of about 50 quid.

So that’s 100 quid left, to see me and my kids through until January 15, to cover food, fuel and anything unexpected that crops up.

I’m at my wits end. Today I considered jacking in my job – which I love and am successful at – because it’s not worth working 40, sometimes 50, hours a week, often at unsociable times of the day, to live on 100 quid a month.

What galls me is that if I refused to provide the CSA with accurate information, my arse would be in front of the magistrates court in a flash. I’d likely be sent to jail.

I have equal share of my kids, yet since June I have constantly struggled o be able to feed them, clothe them and entertain them.

What I really find it hard to endure is that this year I can’t even buy them Christmas presents.

I’m basically ruined and don’t know what to do anymore.

Rob, Newcastle Upon Tyne.


  • jef says:

    4 years ago my ex boss stole my csa money $19,500 my debt was only $10,000 i had a garnish in place but my ex boss did not pass the money on to csa,my ex boss would give everyone the run around,eg,paid it last week,i,ll pay it yhis week,and never did,now 4 years after the fact i,d been rip off and csa are aware of what has happen to me,csa they have done nothing to help me except hound me to re pay the $10,000 still out standing, nothing has happen to ex boss wayne mckellar NOTHING. after the fact that i had been rip off and CHILD SUPPORT are aware of what hashappend, they CHILD SUPPORT have played some really low act tricks to me 1,garnished wages again another $2000 taken by CSA 2,stop me from leaving australia for a $80,000 working contract to china, year 2008 CSA went into my bank account one week before christmas and toke [stole] my christmas saving $1,500 no gifts for my children, i,m still fighting with csa ,but i swear i will not pay another cent to CHILD SUPPORT ,is there anyone who can help me jef

  • David Mcbride says:

    both of you can take this up with an Independant Case Examiner, (ICE)


    and if that fails, then your local parliamentary ombudsman


    the ICE have the power to enforce an investigation and instruct the CSA to resolve your case, as does the parliamentary ombudsmand if the ICE fails.

  • Tasha London says:

    “What galls me is that if I refused to provide the CSA with accurate information, my arse would be in front of the magistrates court in a flash. I’d likely be sent to jail.”

    No; unfortunately it wouldn’t. NRPs lie outrageously to the CSA and get away with it.

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