CSA took money from my bank that I do not owe

April 5, 2010

Hi all mt name ia Adam and i have 2 boys, i split up with my wife several years ago, from day one always been amicable always paid with cash.

No problems, to cut a long story short she found herself a new partner that didnt want me to pay cash, fairgh enough.

So i spoke to the CSA, great, they said to make life easier you can have the money taken straight from your pay, ok i thought, all seemed f riendly enough. Took a couple of months to sort out, paid back the money i was behind as agreed, no problem all was well for 1 year, i received a payment shedule for the coming year.

I noticed their was 8 amounts to be payed as arrears, strange i though knowing full well i was bang up to date. I phoned and asked for clarification, first call, operative could not deal with my case only my case manager could do that, second time i phoned case manager not in the office, third time got through had a long and thorough chat asking just about every question i could think of regarding my case, very informing.

I proclaimed i was up to date, i could tell by my questions he knew this to, the upshot was mistakes happen, best to check my years wage slips so they can sort it out.

Managed to go through pay slips just as i thought all ok. After several attempts to get hold of my case manager (seems to be the norm), i got through, he just said ok he will sort it out, great i thought until they took a wadge out my bank for arrears not even coresponding with the shedule.

Pain in the bum but still trying to get it sorted. Feel dumb for approaching them in the first place as i am the parent without care.

Seems like just another tale.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Stop the direct debit immediately and contact your bank to invoke the direct d ebit guarantee to get your money back.

    You should never let such a bunch of incompetent numpties have free access to your money via a DD!

  • chall says:


    Have the agency deducted the money from your bank account by Direct Debt OR via Deduction Order directly to the deposit taker?

    Will need more info to enable correct advice – click on my user name and join us in the forum at afairercsaforall.

  • Martin says:

    I am having the exact same problem! Seems the CSA are trying to recover lost payments from the parents that pay to recover the costs of the people that don’t I have been in contact over the issue for 6 months now over ghost arrears that i do not owe and they have admitted I do not owe! but still every month take them out! I had a letter with the breakdown with them on which alerted it to me in the first place! But they are taking out anything they want each month that isn’t even on the breakdown! It tells me what will be taken out and when but they still just take whatever they want and they tell me I can’t even claim the money back! IT IS ALL GOVERNMENT SCAM TO PAY FOR A FAILED DEPARTMENT THAT THE GOVERNMENT DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYMORE!

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