CSA threaten prison for arrears payments

July 3, 2010

For the first 3 years i was on the ‘old’ system of assemnet,and was given a ‘nil assesmnet’ at the time, meaning i had to pay nothing, then i was re assessed at my ex wife’s request, on the new system.

I then got a letter from the csa telling me the first 3 years of ‘nil assesment’ no longer counted and that i now owe £3,500 for the years i had a nil assesment, how can this be right?…’you don’t have to pay’….3 years later ‘you owe 3 years arears’???????????

I got a letter today telling me i now owe £4,362, i have asked since last september for a break down of the arears to prove i owe this money & got nothing, after speaking to te girl on the phone (sensative case team), i was told pay now or court action will be taken & you ‘will’ go to prison!!!!!!, i was made redundant in december 2009 & am still unempoyed!!!!

Anybody offer any help…please!!!!!

Cheers Jon Luxon


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Sorry you got no sympathy from me as you paid nothing at all for your child/ren. You should have paid something as they are your children and Im a tax payer and dont see why I have to support them.

  • marcus fox says:

    Dear Karen

    please keep your stupid comments to yourself, are you a male who is the victim of the CSA, no, your just a twisted cow who went out with a deadbeat dad, and now hes not paying for your children, dont take out your anger on people on here looking for help

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