CSA taking my child tax credit as income!

November 18, 2009

My son left home aged 15 to go and live iwht his dad due to his bad attitude and behaviour. My daughter aged 17 lives with me. I recieve no monies from her dad via the csa as he has been good at ducking and diving from them. He never paid in the past either. However now the csa are demanding £220 from me for child support!! They have even taken her child tax credit into the calculation. Money which is given to help her by the government, then they take it off her… its her money not mine!!

Its also ironic they take money from me because I hold down a proper job, but the CSA dont put much effort into getting any money for my daugher who is now going without.

They harassed me with phone calls pretending to be from the DWP then reveal themselves as the CSA. I had to ask to be reassessed due to stupid demands of money from these incompetent jumped up workers who havnt a clue what they are meant to be doing, To be honest, i have given up on trying to get money for my daughter and now let them take money from me, I find them so exhaustive to deal with. I have had enough of this incompetent agency.

Sick of having to constantly ring them, getting different workers, repeating my case over and over again. They promise to return phone calls but never ring. I have to ring them and explain my situation again.. my phone bill has soared due to ringing the 0845 numbers, I feel hopless and will struggle now to make ends meet. I am trying to support my daughter through college which is difficult, now made even harder becauase of the csa taking the money from my daughter and me and receiving absolutley nothing from her father to help her.

Its just so disgusting to comprehend and makes me feel depressed having to deal and constantly argue and explain with the stupid thick workers who havnt got a clue what they are supposed to be doing.

Can anyone offer any help, advice or support?


  • mrscrash says:

    Why shouldnt you have to be to support your son as he dont live with u?? if u were a man you would have to.
    Your money for your daughter would stop anyway as soon as she finishes collage and as she is 17 why cant she get a saturday job to help out??

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