CSA take from my kids to give to someone else’s

February 24, 2010

i met my husband 2 yrs ago when he was going thro a divorce the house was just being sold.

his ex wife got 17.000 out of the house and he got 8,000. he was left with loans of £30,000 worth of debt from loans that were to do up the house that was sold and a family car. he had to go bankrupt as he could not afford the payments!

so we had a rough start then it seems her word is better than ours. we have his children every weekend but cos she told the csa we dont we dont get 1 quid back in every seven. why her word is better than ours i do not know!

then things got worse this yr – my husband is self employed so sometimes he dont works for weeks at a time but as soon as he starts another job we always catch up our payments often leaving rent or other bills. but the real sting is that she recieves tax credits for her kids but think csa think its ok for them to take some of my kids tax credits and give it to her. WHY? my kids now have to go with out, we pay 75 quid a week for his daughter to wear summer shoes all winter cos she is up the pub every weekend with her new bloke.

i have no problem paying for his kids but my kids now have there money taken, how is that fair?

the csa are here to wreck any chance of people being happy ,what should i tell my kids sorry u gotta be cold this winter cos his ex wants to go to the pub !his kids dont have nice new clothes or shoes family buy them clothes cos they are fed up with her not buying them suitable clothing !the csa have made us be in debt and hateful towards the ex which is wrong we want to be a big part in all our childrens lifes we would love to take them out and on holiday but unlike my ex we cant go out at all cos the csa make sure she comes first not her kids or my kids but her


3 Responses to “CSA take from my kids to give to someone else’s”

  1. chall on February 24th, 2010 9:39 pm

    Hi Donna,

    CTC are deemed the income of the NRP. In some cases this includes disability elements.

    We have included this in our petition at http://afairercsaforall.co.uk/petition/ please can everybody take a few moments to read and sign – thanks.

  2. Karen Bedford on February 25th, 2010 4:38 pm

    Hi, sorry to hear of your problem, I have a similar problem, Im was supporting my own children and also my ex’s other children whose mothers are on benefits and never worked and dont want to, by way of my income tax, that is not fair neither.

  3. rach on March 3rd, 2010 12:42 pm

    Yes donna its totally disgusting and its not fair, the csa cause second family poverty and ALL pwc seem to think it is their right to steal money from OUR children and that the nrp should not have had more children, that attitude disgusts me and NO child is more important even though the csa and the greedy pwcs seem to think that theirs are.

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