CSA set the bailiffs onto me for child support payments

July 16, 2009

I last worked in November 08, I signed on joint jobseekers allowance in December 08 where I get 45 pounds per week- 6.10 of that went to the csa.

In March 09 I went bankrupt, following this the csa said that I had to pay more money off my arrears (1,082.36). I told them I was paying more than I could afford already as I was struggling to find money for food after paying my rent, gas, electric bills etc.

In April 09 they stopped taking money from my joint jobseekers claim and arranged with my mother (Camelia Bell) to pay 10 pounds per week from her account. I went to the citezens advice who told my mum not to pay my debt as she was’nt liable for it and that the csa could only take money from the non-resident parent(me). I instructed the citezens advice to act on my behalf with the csa to ask for some sort of means test as I wanted to pay back the debt but could not afford the 10 pounds per week.

In June 09 the citezens advice told me that the csa was the worse debt I could have and there was no way the csa would listen to them and that I should start paying the 10 pounds per week which I did with some help from my mother.

I carried on paying, recieving no communication from the csa until the 6th of July 09 when a bailiffs final notice popped through the letterbox giving me 5 days to pay 1,082.36 which I was paying off!

I rang the csa pleading for some sort of arrangement for me to pay my debt without the bailiffs entering the house as I have no assetts and everything in the house is my friends to which they responded- “tough, we’ve passed it on to the bailiffs”!

I rang the bailiffs who said they didn’t care about my situation, bullied me by lying about the law and what they could do(sieze goods on my property that didn’t belong to me and enter the house without a police officer present) they said they would only accept 200 pounds now and then 100 pounds a month after until the debt is paid which I have no way of affording to pay. Following this call I rang the csa again who kindly advised me not to pay what I could not afford, aviod the bailiffs and eventually the debt would be sent back to the csa (+ bailiff charges) which I found amazing, not paying what I couldn’t afford made the csa send the bailiffs in.

If the csa take my driving licence I would have no chance of finding work and because I work in the security industry a custodial sentence would be a problem. I have worked hard all my life, paid my taxes and never missed a csa payment in 7 years until I sought legal advice in April 09 I now feel victimised by the csa. If only they would have contacted me to arrange paying back the missed payments of 80 pounds bit by bit I would have been happy. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs since November so they will soon be getting their usual full payment of 232.27 pounds when I get back in work.

While all this has been going on mine and my family’s health has been deteriorating, I have contemplated suicide, been kicked out of my home, my Mum has nearly crashed her car stressing about my situation, all I want to do is pay my debt at a price I can afford.

I would like to know why the csa were so quick to send the bailiffs in when it was clear they were trying to get blood out of a stone?

I am still paying 10 pound per week that I cant afford, why can’t the csa conduct a means test on all NRP who want to pay their debt?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • mr.pink says:

    I assume your arrears of £ 1,082 are for the period Dec 08 to March 09.
    I thought the whole point of going bankrupt was to wipe the slate clean.Once discharged, most debts are written off and creditors cannot pursue them. Some debts, such as Student Loans and Company debts, are not included in bankruptcy. Do any readers of this thread know if this includes the CSA?

    I’m surprised that you did not receive any contact from the CSA for several months before the bailiffs got involved. In my experience, the NRP is advised that a Liability Order is to be sought in Court, where it is invariably awarded and then the CSA set the bailiffs on you.

    You will not get anywhere with the CSA asking for a ‘means test’. You pay ‘what’s due’ plus arrears. On JSL, that’s £5/week and anything above that goes towards arrears.

  • Andrew says:

    My arrears is from the first year when I was paying direct to my sons mother before she decided to get the CSA involved. I proved that I had paid her direct but because I had already started paying towards the arrears, I had admitted to the debt. The CSA debt could not be included in my bancrupcy.

    I have written to my mp.

    thanks for any advice in advance- I’ll keep you posted

  • mr.pink says:

    From Leaflet CSL 109 Page 39
    The assessment can only start when the PWC contacts the CSA. You cannot build up arrears for a period before this date.

    Writing to the MP, was for me, a waste of time. The only good advice I got from him was to write to the Independent Case Examiner. Save yourself some time and write to them directly- they can get your case reviewed.

    The Independent Case Examiner
    PO Box 155
    CH99 9SA

  • chall says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Quote mr.pink; I thought the whole point of going bankrupt was to wipe the slate clean.Once discharged, most debts are written off and creditors cannot pursue them. Some debts, such as Student Loans and Company debts, are not included in bankruptcy.

    – neither are CSA debts.

    Your more than welcome to take a look at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk, there’s a letter in the downloads section that can be sent to the bailiffs re ownership. Join us in the forum.

  • Rebecca says:

    We had a similar experience regarding bailiffs. My husband has always given details of employers to the CSA and paid by DEO for the 2 kids he has with his ex wife. We regularly got a statement saying we were in debt but the amount the were taking every month was reducing the debt slowly. I must point out that we were unsure how the debt had got so big as the DEO had been in place for 7yrs.

    Just before christmas we got a letter saying he had to go to court. He phoned them and they told us that it was due to the debt being over 3 years old. We returned the form advising them of our local court for it to be heard at and also wrote a letter saying we would make extra payments a month to clear the debt however we would like a copy of the file as we didn’t see how the debt had got so bad. Pointing out that if we did owe it we wanted to pay it but due to the reputation of the CSA we wanted to make sure the debt was correct. They say they never received that letter. My husband went to court and was told by the CSA’s solicitor that he didn’t need to stay and he could go home ( He gave her a copy of the letter they ‘never’ received and she said she would submit it to the magistrate/judge). Stupid I know but he’d gone to court directly from a night shift and he finally came home at 3pm so get some sleep to go back to work that night! Next thing we know the bailiffs are tyring to seize out car. We received no letter advising us of the outcome of the case. The bailiff to be fair was ok and left us after putting a seisure order on the car. We had to get husbands sister to pay £1000 from her credit card to them and they wanted £300 per month aswell as the DEO! We contacted the CSA as was told they couldn’t do anything now as it was bing handled by the bailiffs. Still with me??? All sounds familiar doesn’t it!

    We contacted our MP and she managed to get them to send us dates and the amounts of the assements that had ever been made and the payments we had made but thats not any use when it doen’t tell us why the assesments had been done! In the end we gave up and have been paying it.

    In Jan I has a baby and we informed the CSA. By june we still had not heard anything and called them, it hadn’t been done. 5 more phone calls and was told it didn’t effect the assesment. We phoned the bailiffs to make a payment and was told the case was closed and referred back to the CSA. they eventually told us they didn’t want the extre payments anymore because by the time we finish paying for the boys next september the debt will be cleard ( the boys will be 17 and 19 by that time!!!) This month (August) we have had 4 letters. one saying we don’t need to pay anything for the boys anymore, 1 saying we have to pay £33, one saying they are taking £700 per month via DEO and the other explaining how they came to that figure! THEY ARE A TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!! I am definately not gonna sit back and take this this time. I want a compete copy of EVERYTHING on the file they have about us. I find it odd that we are told we don’t have to pay anything and then 2 weeks later there has been another assesment and now we have to pay £33per week. We need to know what they have been told.

    They are so disorganised that you get to the state where you dread ringing them as they never know what the hell is happening. They also don’t mention the cut they take for themselves and the pwc thinks the ex isn’t paying much which causes more trouble.

    At least we know we are not the only ones in this postion. If you managed to get this far, thanks for reading!!!

  • danielle says:

    my husband has had a liability order granted against him for csa arrears, he also has paid substancial amounts when in employment, but has been unemployed for 9 months now. we are now awaiting bailiffs to enter our property and seize our goods. what i dont understand is how can the csa demand money that you dont have and have no way of getting, if you can not pay the dept then they can take you driving licence or send you to prison how will this help them recover the dept????? also why is there no way of fighting the csa desision??? are they above the law????? i wouldn’t mind but my husband is a loving father and has regular contact with his children, when the children are in our care for a week some times more we recieve no child support from the pwc why should this not affect you csa claim???? why is there two different bands with the csa??? one where you can reduce csa payments if you have a certain amount of contact travel to get your children but of you are not on this band it does not apply to you why? Yes EVERY father should pay and provide for his children but does this mean they should be screwed by the csa???? what about the men out there who dont give a f**k? who dont pay, provide or support there children??? why is it the men that do pay get there lifes thrown into hell????? it is so true what they say when you get knocked down there is always some one to keep kicking you so you stay there….. it is no wonder children lose parent through this csa system people who cant cope with the dept, threats and pressure the csa put apon them.

  • D says:

    My ex partner owes £30k. CSA have admitted he doesnt need to pay if he doesnt want to. He knows how to cheat the system. He keeps moving jobs and never stays in the same place too long.

    The CSA is a joke, they never address any complaint directly and shirk responsibility.

  • k says:

    Unfortunately, the CSA are a law unto themselves. i have a liability order against me for money I didn’t even earn. I have paid religiously through my employer over the last three years a sum of 16000 pounds for my three children through the CSA. Because I didn’t inform them in writing that my income had dropped (even though an adjustment was made by them to take less when it dropped) I now owe arrears for money I didn’t even earn, to the sum of 2500 pounds. I spoke to my solicitor who said she “wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.” The CSA are threatening me with bailliffs, I am now unemployed and suffering from severe depression. They are threatening to take my driving license away too. I have always wanted to provide for my children and now the CSA has competely destroyed me.

  • gary says:

    32k they think i owe!!! i didnt even earn 32k for the period they are claiming.. many phone calls have been made and everytime is like the first with them.,. they are now saying they wont look back on my debt cause its too old and i should of contacted earlier hello i did have contacted you loads of times. what a bunch of morons……

  • Chris says:

    Try reading some information on deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk

    It may help

  • mark says:

    same thing with myself but i refuse to pay money i have not earned, CSA are taking your maximum amount of money to show to the goverment there working and are effective by overcharging us.

    I dont feel anyone should give up and i feel people like myself need support.

    I want to fully commit to this and feel setting up an organisation who can help people going through CSA having problems with them and giving people rights because lets face it paying CSA your looked at like you have none and they can take what they like.

    CSA are ruining peoples lives and i feel the company should be brought down and shown for what a corrupt organisation it is.

    remember there legislation is not LAW its just they have been giving extra power thanks to labour.

  • colin says:

    got bailiffs on my case for 4100 kids are 20 in three months paid ex cash in hand when first parted for about six months then started new job getting up at 3.30am getting in at 12noon 6 days a week csa was taking 54 pound a week out my wages this left 110 to take home my wife was not working in a space of 9 months we lost my dad to cancer the wifes 18 yr old daughter was killed in an rta then my wifes mother passed away to thecancer needless to say i never went back to work and we ended up on bennefits and the csa were taking 5 pound a week out of our money so now when i ask them how thy come to this figure they say its because i never told them i had finished work,well im sorry but the csa was the last thing on my mind and common sense should prevail how could they take money from bennefits if i was working,the csa is so disorganised you never get a proper reply from them you feel all alone you want to pay but only what you realy owe not a calculation plucked from nowhere who do i talk to for help please and can the bailiffs force entry thanks

  • Lynne says:

    I’m sorry for all you dads that are getting ripped off . I am a mother with a son that hasn’t seen a penny in years , hes lucky if he gets a phone call once every two months . If you dont declare a change in circumstances you will carry on being assessed on that wage even if it has dropped . My ex husband stopped paying because he wanted a better car , a better telly etc ,,, all I want is for him to take responsibility for his son . He thinks he’s hurting me by not paying ,but he’s actually hurting our son . He doesn’t go without because I try my best to make sure he is well fed and cared for . I work hard and I am a good mom . It’s very hard sometimes but I plod on with my responsibilities , my ex will have the bailiffs on his door very soon for sherking his responsibilities and that’s just for the closed arears from jan 2010 /2011 £1295,00 . He also owes £33 a week from jan2011 till now and he’s still refusing to pay . It’s men like my ex that is making your experience with csa very difficult .i guess the rule is not to get into arears in the first place and contact csa when your circumstances change . I am so fed up with waiting and my ex telling lies . He should man up and take responsibility for his son . Sorry rant over

  • Dean says:

    The CSA are scum! My Ex left me with debt and a mortgage and took my daughter. It plodded on, paid the bills and gave what I could. Now the benefit sponges have both decided I need to pay more because they’d like a better life style……AT MY EXPENSE!!!!

    My daughter always looked like a scruff when I picked her up every weekend and then her mother decided I couldn’t see her anymore. Ive spent the last 10 months going in and out of court because shes an evil twisted b**ch making up all kind of crazy accusations about me, ive even been raided for drugs!

    Ive spent over 5k in court costs and solicitor fees and still ive gotta pay more. I love and cherish my little girl. Mothers like hers are the ones that should be punished, not the fathers who want to be a part of their childrens lives.

    CSA are now sending in the big boys to take all my gear. No fu**ing way are they gettin through my door!!

  • Christopher Cavill says:

    need advice on what to do about bailiffs coming to my door giving letters too me about the debt of over thousands I’m willing to make a payment of I can only just a ford I’m self employed and thanks too them my now ex wife is really badly and had 3 strokes because of this.
    can any one help and give advice on what to do next.
    thank you for any advice that can be given.

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