CSA says I owe money due to overpayment

December 26, 2010

Having read several of the stories on the website, I just wanted to add my experience to the debate.

I have had dealings with the csa for 10 years now. I have 4 children (just 2 left on the case) and I am the pwc, all 4 children have the same dad.

When I left after 15 yrs I was forced to claim income support as I had no home, no money and the 4 kids with me.

That automatically kicked off the whole csa ball rolling. I was awarded maintenance of their reckoning and went with the flow, after all he had the house and everything in it as well as a service pension and a high powered job in London, so I was grateful for whatever they regarded as my entitlement for the childrens sake.

It took them 3 years and the loss of all case notes in an office move to fully implement the payments. These only began after my local Mp became involved, on advise from the cab. from then until 2007 I was paid fairly regularly the same amount each month. Then I received a letter from the csa 18mths ago stating that I had been overpaid and my payments were to reduce, when after a further 6 mths the payments werent reduced I rang the csa to enquire as to what was happening, they assured me they would be issuing me with the reduced payments. Needless to say they never reduced the payment amounts despsite further correspondance from myself until about a month ago when I received another letter telling me once again that my payments were being reduced because I owe him £1700 in overpayment!

Obviously not my mistake or fault at any point. I have now asked my MP to get involved again as I dont feel its right that I should be expected to pay him back at the extortionate rate theyre imposing when it wasnt my fault in the first place. Im a student nurse, I receive a bursary, I dont drink, smoke or go out and I certainly cant afford to be losing £200 pm in repayment. whilst I am prepared to repay (though why I should be expected to escapes me) I simply hoped they would allow me to repay at a lower rate. NO CHANCE, their mistake and they want the cash now.

Im truly hoping that my Mp can help again as Im so fed up with the whole csa process, that I didnt instigate in the first place. I shall be glad when my last child leaves education in the next couple of years just to be rid of the csa. I was under the impression they existed to make sure the children of split families received what was fairly theirs and allowed a stress free way for pwc to ensure their children were catered for.

How wrong I was.


  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    It is about time the PWC had it done to them. This christmas we are freezing because of EX WIFE AND CSA. We can't pay are bills. We can't pay for food. We are living well below poverty……

  • Craig Bulman says:

    This comes to prove the incompetence of these idiots they are causing misery on both sides.

  • Gary Spiers says:

    It does make a change to hear a story like this from the other side .

  • Colin Dunstan says:

    Yes the CSA are incompetant regarding everyone. However first you say you had to get CSA involed due to income support then you chased it and got the CAB and MP involved. So you were happy to use every option available to get the money from your Ex even though at least to begin with most never benefited yourself or children! You have knowingly spent more than you were entitled to, perhaps if you knew you were being paid too much you should of put some of it aside??They cant take more off you than you can afford and seen as mostly the CSA's fault offer to pay back a reasonable amount each month and they should have to accept that.More importantly does your Ex support the children emotionally, does he have regular contact and support you in their upbringing? Surely that is what should be most important and not the CSA taking so much money off us we cant support our own families and encouraging PWC's not to allow fathers to have equal say in their childrens lifes.

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Talk about can't take off you more than you can afford. Are you taken the piss or just shut your eyes. They are taken more off us. We can't live with what we are allowed. Talk about blind to the CSA. It is about time they made a PWC pay back the father. I am sure he needs it more…She will get all benifits thrown at her no end. All of you need to get a job and keep your own children. Your ex husband does not owe you a living. Get a life.

  • Brucen says:

    You do not have to pay this money, you still have two
    children (QC’s) at home and the agency is bound by it’s own rules
    to value these children’s circumstances and protect them against
    hardship which may caused by any decision made by them. It is
    common practice for the CSA to write off these debts and pay them
    without further recourse to yourself. Happy New Year Brucen (ex csa
    case officer)

  • Allan Morrell says:

    a PWC who complains that she has to pay back overpayments, but did this PWC ever consider that the NRP made the overpayments, why did she not bother to inform the NRP and hand over the overpayment amounts???? because all she wanted was the money!!!!!! Greed… and she asks why she should have to pay it back… she'd have whinged if she hadnt recieved anything but seems to whinge about having to pay back money she was NOT entitled to!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!Whats it like being a PWC and having to pay out eh!!!! bout time the greed card was played… PWC tasting her own medecine!!!!

  • Mark says:

    I cant believe what im reading? is this a joke? The C.S.A financially destroy fathers at one point i was left with £13 per week to feed myself and to get to work I’m sure that having to pay over payments (which you knew about all the time you were receiving them) is not going to put you in this situation. I really cant believe the cheek on you to be honest expecting this to be written off!!!!! I bet you wasn’t really bothered that the payments were crippling your childrens Father were you? Dads don’t have any flexibility in payments and they often push them below the poverty line especially if they have children with a new partner cause the C.S.A doesn’t have a problem stealing child tax credits of the NRP to pay the PWC so the sure as hell don’t have the childs best interests high up on their lists of prioritys. Even though i think you’re a complete piss taker for spending money that you knew wasn’t yours i hope they don’t destroy you to the point of thinking about suicide like they do with Fathers cause nobody should be driven to that point. Maybe now you’ll realise just how much they make Fathers lives unlivable and will think twice when you’re slagging off Fathers who say they cant afford the ridiculous amounts that are demanded out of them. You’ve still made me angry by expecting not to pay because you say the over payments were the CSAs fault even though they told you you were getting to much and any normal person then wouldn’t have spent the money. If they just sprung it on you like they do very often with Fathers demanding £1000s i could understand why you might be pissed off but week in week out you stole the money that you knew was not yours. I hope you pay every penny back to your childrens Father and they expect you to pay 40% of your income after tax because if they don’t do that to you its a clear case of male discrimination. Welcome to our world!!!!!!

  • maryanne mumby says:

    what a load of whingers and whiners you really are. You have absolutely NO understanding of the situation I was in and yet you feel compelled to comment on my greediness. I refuse to get any further into a stone throwing match with people so quick to judge and assume.
    I slept in a single room with 4 children for 10 mths following my seperation. whilst my husband of 17 yrs,and an engineer in a very highly paid job in London refused to help in any way shape or form and remained in the marital home whilst we lived in this way.
    damn right he owes his children, damn right Im owed at least an acceptable standard from a government service and if only ill educated and misinformed people like yourselves could walk in another mans shoes for just a while you may see very different views and actually come to understand that not everyone is out for what they can get.

  • maryanne mumby says:

    and, just as a by the way, I telephoned and spoke with the csa on more than 8 occassions regarding their incorrect maths. My most recent corrsepondance (this week) from them states that it was an error on their behalf, I dont owe an overpayment of any kind and in actual fact the nrp is still in arrears. I rest my case.

  • Mark Thorpe says:

    If that was the case they’d off set the arrears against the over payment and not totally stop your money, people on the site have had dealings with the CSA and are not totally stupid. You owe the money for knowingly over spending money that is not yours so damn right you should pay it back!!! i rest my case!

  • maryanne mumby says:

    and you know my case how? idiot.

  • Mark Thorpe says:

    the thing with the csa is they treat everyone with the same shit attitude idiot

  • lucyloo says:

    wow wish my husband was only being chased for £1700. They are after him for £30k! He has always supported and provided for his daughter and looked after her on the arrangements that he and his ex had. Then out of the blue in 2009 he gets a demand for £30k. He now pays maintenance through a DEO even though his ex has told the csa she doesnt want them involved. He is being summoned to court to be told he has to pay, although god knows how. They want to take £200 per week (yes, per week!) to pay it off. We have 2 young children our selves and forcing him to pay this much will mean we will be living below the poverty line. We live in a council flat and drive old battered cars to get us to work and back. We barely receive any tax credits and will probably loose them all come April 2012. His ex was quite happy with the payments and access arrangements but now because the csa are involved she thinks she will get a load more money. He currently pays more for one child per week that what is left to share between the 2 that live with him but the csa dont care. child concerned will be 18 soon, why is this happening to us now rather to when she was a child? I hate the CSA, they are a bunch of incompetant aresholes that dont give a shit about ANY of the kids in the system!

  • Dana says:

    Just like to say guys dont give up, get everything in writing, send everything signed for, ask for your subject access file from csa, you will be shocked how much maladministration there is.I have been fighting the csa for my husband for 12 years.
    Since the bitter greedy ex wife of 17 years ago took the house precedes contents money and his child and left to live in another country , whilst using false addresses to claim child benefit tax credits and 517 a month csa leaving him with nothing for food.
    I fought this took the csa to court and his scrounging ex, low and behold I won, now she has to pay him 28000, and benefit fraud will now be on her case.
    Also independent case examiner I sent it there as they always falsify arrears to get targets.
    I won that got 4000 back
    Don’t give up if they have made errors, or the ex is lying or frauding prove it, stage one complaint ,stage two, then ice.
    Appeal get your case together with facts taken them to court.
    I did and won.
    Don’t give up yes it’s hard it’s hard work but you can do it.
    Csa has been used for vengeful money grabbers that’s need to get off their ass and earn their own money!!
    I am not saying I agree with all, if you have a child fair enough make a contribution, I am a mother my ex pay 60 a month and odd trips which was fine I got child benefit and tax credits just like every other mum, it’s just for revenge and feel sorry for you guys when you meet a new partner the claws come out again

    Good luck bear with it.

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