CSA refuses to help me

June 14, 2010

The csa must be the most un helpfull agency around.

In march 2010 i recieved an enforcement order from the csa stating that i was a parent of a child aged 2 years. I knew nothing of this child until now. They tell me that i owe £2,670, which has to be paid in 7 days or i will go to court.

After contacting the csa i was told not to worry, they would find out what’s gone wrong as i hadnt recieved any letters. The next letter i recieved from them was a liability order, which was issued in court.

Me and my partner are due to be married in july 2010. This csa business has left us on the brink of spliting up. My doctor has prescribed me anti depressants, i am now taking legal advice as the csa tell me as im unemployed at the moment they cant deduct from my wages. I will most likly end up in prison. I too can see why people are driven to suicide as the csa has given me no help whatsoever.

I have been treated like a criminal from the day all this came to light. The csa wont help me, i dont even know if the child in question is mine. I have been waiting over 8 weeks for info from them on dna testing etc.


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  1. chall on June 14th, 2010 8:08 am

    Hi dominic,

    If you haven’t already, apply for your Data Protection File (click on my user name and go to the download section) The agency charge a £10 fee for this – do not send cash OR cheque. Postal orders should be made payable to; CSA.
    ~ Once in receipt you will be able to establish what has been happening and where and when the agency have attempted to make contact with you. If the child proves to be your, this could make a difference with any arrears amount claimed, as the agency have to use a confident address.

    The agency have been in a position to ‘presume parentage’, hence your case has got as far as a Liability Order.
    Have you any written correspondence from them that they are prepared to arrange a DNA test at this stage?
    ~ If not, its time to make your own move. You can establish parentage via the court – more details can be found in afairercsaforall forum.

    You need to be pro active.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall.co.uk

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