CSA refuse to pay my refund

November 18, 2009

Hi, I paid for my son every month through the CSA and when he turned 19 last march the payments stopped and I received a letter from the CSA saying that the case was now closed.

Then in Aug 2009 after paying nothing for 4 months my wages were deducted and my payslip stated a CSA payment. I contacted my Hr office and they had received a fax from the CSA asking for the payment ot be deducted. I phoned the CSA immediately and was told it was an error and I woyuld receive a refund in the form of a cheque and the CSA would fax my HR dept cancelling the order.

Surprise surprise this never ahppened and I have now had CSA payments taken from Sept and Oct pay. This has caused financial hardship for me and my family and yet everytime I contact the CSA I am told there are 2 refunds on the system for me but nothing is ever issued. I have tried complaining and asking to speak to a supervisor but all I am told is that someone will call me back within 5 working days and they never do. I am frantically trying to resolve this before my Nov pay is deducted too!

Can you please help me???



  • chall says:


    Are you sure you have no outstanding arrears on your case?

    Esculate your case to a written complaint and approach your local MP requesting their help with this matter. (keep copies of everything you send and post signed for)

    Your also welcome in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • Kevin Hancox says:

    Don’t mess about, ask for it in writing if you don’t have it already by email or fax while you are still on the phone, then apply for an injunction to stop the order and a ccj to get repaid, YES this is possible YES you can succeed…!

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