CSA Reassess me after 8 years

August 6, 2009

We have had the Hell storey from the begining, my husbands ex was particularly malicious, we spent thousands getting a court order regarding access, shortly after the csa was formed and discharged the order. We where bombarded with letters, my husband provided all his details and i refused to give mine. I requested a copy of all info they had on us and was horrified to see they had written to MY place of work for MY earnings details!(given by pwc NO doubt)…..time went on, ridiculous assessment after another, we got a deduction of earnings order, my husbands boss could not pay it as it would leave us below protected income level! We then had the delight of a home visit but i must admit the then face to face contact was better then the current brick wall approach. Our assessment went down but still part of our working tax credits where taken as earnings so a benefit to get us above breadline was reduced to give someone else on benefits!

Skip a few years…been paying arrears etc…not heard anything for 8 years, payments stopped when he reached 16, we assumed he must be working (no contact from age 7 due to mother)….wrong at aged 18yrs 1month we get new assessment through as they are still claiming child benefit.

NIGHTMARE never ends,we are on the old system we have two children 15 and 12 and have no idea what figure they will come up with, the carer element should of gone. We have asked via e-mail, post and phone for a re-check on child benefit as we have past a termination date of 31st May and guess what nobody checking for us. We informed our case-worker that the “child” was not attending full time education therefore fraudulently claiming child benefit, she told us that doesnt affect our case!!! They state they are preventing fraud!? Anyone been through this at such a late stage?


  • chall says:

    A child is defined as a person;

    * under 16; OR
    * under 19 (under 20 in some cases) and in full-time education doing a course that is not higher than A-level or an equivalent standard or on a Government-funded training programme; OR
    * 16 or 17 and has recently left school and registered for work or training with the Careers or Connexions Service or something similar
    (exclusions to the above are if the child is/ has been married or in a civil partnership)

    After leaving school or college, a child still counts as a being in f/t education until the end of a fixed period after they leave, which coincides with the beginning of the next school term (terminal date) OR until their 19th birthday, which ever is soonest.
    If a child is under school leaving age when they leave school, they are treated as leaving school on the date s/he reaches that age.

    If a young person does any paid work of 24 hrs or more a week before the terminal date, s/he is no longer counted as a child unless the work is temporary and expected to end before the terminal date.

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  • jue says:

    Thanks CHALL I am quite well read up now on the law of payment qualification, my concern with regard to a new csa assessment was that although we reported repeatedly to the csa that the claim was fraudulent because we knew the “child” was not attending anywhere, all there concern was that they had checked child benefit was still being claimed, it was , end of. After a lot of stress our case has now been closed because of the reasons I was giving csa it just took a long time to get there, I wonder if the PWC has been persued for time wasting and fraud?

  • craig says:

    Hi you case is like mine the CSA reassesed me and back dated it 4 years
    saying the i owed them 2.000 pounds.
    I told them that they are wrong as that would take over half my wage but they diddnt care. 3 months later they said it was wrong and droped my payments by half but then said the would not back date the assesment as i would not hand over my partners wage slips.so the debt reset to the new rate and they will not take in to account the fact that they own me money !!!!!!
    my house is on the line as i can not now meet my morgage payments
    and i have just had to sell my car to help pay the second 2.000 pounds CSA this year.

    The starff are not helpful and 2 lads in the assement team are just rude
    CSA YOU WILL MAKE ME LOSE MY CAR,JOB AND HOME then how will i pay you
    your 560 ponds a month ( my wage is only 1000 pounds a month) and yes i do know that the cant touch all of it cheers for you time


  • csavictim says:

    I have just had a simalar problem with them, My child turned 18 last month is now working and has moved out, yet my ex has told the CSA the child is still living with her. Not only will they not take my word for it but they refuse to talk to the Child who is now considered an adult! Ok if I have to pay for another year to save them stealing it from my wages at least let me pay direct to the Child – no the mother has to have her hand out!
    raig – next time they are rude or in the slightest way unhelpful, call back via a different number and insist on speaking to a manager, then insist that the individuals are to have no further dealings or access to your case. it may take a while but eventually they get the message that you wont put up with their nonsense.

  • j says:

    I have every sympathy, sounds like you better going through the Deduction of Earnings as they have to leave you at a protected income level, if you have children living with you now and your partner is on a low wage you are better off declairing it, they cannot take more than a 3rd of your wage and additional arrears can be mutual arrangement with your case-worker, i would offer £5 per week to keep em off your back, good luck.

  • kaoto says:

    my lovely ex lied about what he was earning, didn’t pay anything for 9 years and I am told that even though he earns far in excess of the basic £200 rate, there is no limit on how much he can claim for housing costs, so I am left with nothing to bring up our child on, he doesnt’ bother to see the child and manages quite cleverly to avoid payment – so just to let you know it works both ways. Anybody that is the carer for a child understands there are a lot more expenses involved than just food, kids cost loads and most of the absent fathers I hear about manage to hide most of what they earn and accuse the mother of all sorts of things, the CSA isn’t fair on the mothers side either, under their rules you can earn anything over £200 and you only pay £5 of the first £100 and only 15% of the next £100 and there are loads of little get out clauses that can help you, so if you feel that £30 odd pounds fully supports your childs life when they are not with you in this current economic climate with the sort of social, financial and nutritional needs a growing child has then you are deluded !

  • James O says:

    Kaoto –

    I have said it before i’d say it 100 times..

    for my child i’d be HAPPY to pay nursery fee’s so my lazy handout workshy ex can get herself back to work and earn her own worth!

    I dont want my child without — but women allways cry fowl — expecting to be paid for. If your ex offered you to pay for childcare fee’s – most women are so lazy and bone idle that they couldn’t even gain employment of any meaning.

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