CSA post bank details for PWC to someone else

February 27, 2009

CSA mistakes are common place, and many people have complained over their post being set to the wrong address. The CSA often try to lie about these mistakes, but this time they had to way out as they printed out an internal email that contained the bank account details and sort code for a PWC, and then posted it to someone else!

Normally this sort of mistake wouldn’t have made much press, but the person they sent it to has put it on their website, including the full story and even a recorded phone call of what happened when he phoned them to tell them.

The CSA even admitted that they’d breached data protection laws by doing it, yet they still asked for the bank details to be posted back to them, which surely would be a further risk?


  • CSA victim says:

    Why not send the details and evidence of this to the Data protection registrar? they are the office that deal with such matters and should be able to give the CSA a wrap on the knucles for this one. or better still remove their authority to hols personal details of thier victims

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