CSA place DEO on me even though I have paid

May 23, 2010

Hello, i am not on a high payed job and have a new family with a baby girl. I have agreed an amount with my x which gets paid weekly via bank transfer. about a year and a half ago i was stung with a £500 bill after my x refused to confirm our agreement so i had to pay it.

I thought it was all done and dusted but now the csa have applied for an attachment of my earnings and i am having the same trouble getting my x to confirm my payments.

Where is the rights for fathers who do pay for their children? I have my boy every weekend and still get treated like this. I physically cannot afford to have to pay csa again i have rent and bills to pay. In my opinion the csa is a waste of time and resources and whilst speaking to them on the phone i find that they are the least helpful and the rudest call centre i have ever spoken to.

Advice on what i should do next would be helpful. I have bank statements to prove the payments but on the phone they say they cannot accept these as proof of payment what steps do i need to take next.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Once the CSA are involves never pay your ex a penny direct.

    You really should have learned the first time that she cannot be trusted!

  • chall says:

    Hi Michael M,

    What date did your case commence with the agency?

    Did you have a standing order set up through your bank to pay your ex?

    Was your payment method via the CSA, pay direct to you ex?

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