CSA payments have stopped and they dont know why

July 18, 2010

I have a 17 month old son and his father has been in receipt of benefit since august 2009.

In Oct 09 I had to get the CSA to take £5 per week out of his benefit money for my son and 3 other children my ex has from a previous relationship. Payments only started in December and i have had payments of £2.50 paid fortnightly until May 26th this year.

I contacted the CSA to see why i wasnt recieving the money and they said to call back in 2-3 weeks as they’re having problems with the systems. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THE SYSTEMS!

I have now got so fed up with the incompetent morons at the csa that ive now complained twice in the last 3 weeks and my case is now apparently with a complaints case worker. They cannot tell me WHY the payments have stopped, WHY myself and the other 3 children’s mother have not had any payments since may, WHEN the missing payments will be added to my ex’s already high arrears for the children and WHEN i will be contacted regarding my complaints within a certain time frame.

THEY CAN’T TELL ME ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!! It’s absolutely disgusting! There have been failings ever since my case was opened 14 months ago because they couldnt be bothered to chase after my ex because he is a persistent offender at failing to pay child support for his children.

He abuses the system and they know it. CSA/CMEC are a load of old…..


  • Brokenfather says:

    Good grief, you must really hate the father of your child.

    All this for just £1.25 pw.

    Move on with your life ……..

  • laura says:

    to brokenfather: i do not hate the father of my child at all. i would gladly move on with my life but this individual is apparently entitled to contact. its the law. he thinks that it is more than acceptable to pay £1.25 per week for a child. his rights/needs as far as he is concerned are more important. he’s quite happy to play with a child but as far as ensuring that his child has food, clothing etc then forget it. he makes up vile stories suggesting that he doubts the paternity of the child and that my child would be better off with him than me as im a bad mother but then iam the one who has provided for this child in every way from day one and he has not. the laws are a complete joke.

  • Brokenfather says:

    Children are not pay per view ……

  • Laura maybey says:

    No they’re not pay per view. What do you think children thrive on? Thin air? The fairies dont come out at night and leave food, clothing etc. BOTH parents are responsible for their children not just pwc.

  • Equal sufferer !!! says:

    Laura, I totally support your tenacity : its not about how much (lets face it what does £1.25 contribute to an toddlers life costs !) – The CSA were set up to ensure all PWC were financially supported by the absent parent – This cuts both ways !!!

    When my ex was having to pay CSA for children from his first marriage (as I was a good earner at the time) I made up his bank balance, and I totally covered all costs in relation to the daughter we had together. He subsequently left me and my daughter and I have to go throught the CSA to get £5.00 a fortnight from him – this stopped 2 months ago, the CSA aren’t able to help as he says he’s not receiving an income or benefit…. Yeah right – I don’t know anyone who can pay a £900 pm mortgage, run a merc, strutt around in designer clothes – but has now money to pay his way !!!!!!!!!!!

  • FathersShouldPay says:

    My daughter too is entitled to £1.25 per week from her so called father. Sorry broken father, but what do you think children survive on and why shouldn’t Dad’s cough up for their offspring?
    It’s nothing to do with hating the fathers, it’s about them standing up to their responsibilities which some men seem incapable of doing.
    My daughter’s father IS working (cash in hand of course) he gets the interest on his mortgage paid, benefits and a nice wage in his pocket weekly.

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