CSA payments have crippled me

March 23, 2010

I was divorced just as the csa came into force and the payments i had to make crippled me.

I had started a new realationship and this killed it. I then remarried and had two children,but this marriage didnt last mainly because of the money i had to pay the csa.So now i had two cases,and for awhile i didnt pay due to unemployment and other issues,last year i had a letter saying i owed £15000, and if i didnt pay i would have a libility order against me. I had one paying in slip with the letter as if i could make one payment,its a joke.

I had the order served against me and was paying over £500 a month, then i was made redundant, i had a phone call saying the bailiffs were going to come round etc etc. I cant afford the payments anymore as iam on job seekers allowance. They expect me to pay £50 weekly which leaves me nothing. i have had csa hell since it came out, i have had two broken marriages, debts and a bankcrupt order against myself, i have had enough, my new partner has had enough!

Can you help i just cant go on anymore,there is no peace or calm in my life,i hate it.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    You cant win with them whatever happens. Im annoyed that my ex now pays via the CSA all the money I should have got to a women on benefits (never worked and another child by another man also, that he was with briefly, whilst working and her claiming etc) and uses another name, I never got any of that money to support my children and I worked and she gets all her benefit money too, in fact she is probably better off then me and even though I have told them what he is up to, no one cares.

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