CSA owes me money that I have overpaid

August 3, 2010

I was told by the CSA that i owed arrears to the secretary of state so they set up a DEO and were taking x amount of pounds from my wages each month. I made contact with them and checked how much and when it would be finished to which they told me the last paymet would be april 2010. however I got my pay statement from work in june which stated that my pay department had payed the csa so I spoke with my pay dept who said they would contact the csa via phone and refund the payment as they had recieved a letter to confirm the payments should have been stopped but my pay dept mislaid the notification.

However I recieved my pay statement today 22.07.2010 and they have payed the csa again. so I rang the pay dept who told me they contacted the csa and asked them to refund the payment they had made in error to which the CSA said just keep taking it till we tell you to stop.

I spoke with the CSA a while back and they told me exactly how much i owed in arrears and what they would take from me and when it would finish however they are still taking money from me that i do not owe them. What I understand is that the CSA are retaining a wrongfull credit which I understand is straight up fraud. and when I make contact with them they will blag me with all sorts of rubbish and tell me it’s gonna take 10 weeks to refund me the payments.

Surely I should be able to report the fraud offence to the police as they clearly know it’s a wrongful payment and they are not refunding me staright away however I cant see the secretary of state being arrested for fraud any time soo.


  • Brokenfather says:

    You need to ascertain if your employer has received written notification from the CSA to cease payments. If they have then your beef it with your employer for an unlawfull deduction from pay. What they did with the money and how they get it back is not your concern. They should refund you the deduction without delay.

    If they haven’t received written notification from the CSA then your beef it with the CSA and your employer must continue to deduct payments until told otherwise. Contact the CSA and find out what the hell they are playing at.

  • Stuart Ingram says:

    MP complaint is the only way to sort this out quickly mate 🙂 good luck.

  • Sad Mum says:

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone else been contacted by FDS ? whom are doing a reseach study on behalf of the CSA.

    They say they have contacted me at random, but i think it is important that we all have our say

    not sure what the study entails, waiting for their call. will update after.

    Phone number for FDS is 020 7272 7766

    They are an independant market reseach agency, one of my concerns is who else are the CSA passing our information on too.

    Do we think this is a good or bad thing ?

    I’ll let you know my thoughts when I have spoken to them.

  • Tony says:

    i wondered who the hell that research company was and how they got my number i keep missing the call and getting the strange message left. what ever happened to client confidentiallity

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    We have had the same sort of thing.Luckily we have received one giro refund. Only two more owing! the CSA aren't legally allowed to hold onto money owed to you. Remind them of that fact..many times!!!

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