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CSA mother leaves her baby in the car while she gets drunk

This story is quite incredible, and is somewhat hard to believe. A CSA worker was given a suspended sentence after she left her baby in her car while she got drunk in a bar.

Is this is the standard of people who work for the CSA? I hate to imagine how little they care for our children if this is how they treat their own children. Child Support Agency indeed? Who are they trying to fool?

The full story can be read here at the Manchester Evening News website.

Gemma Train, 23, who works for the Child Support Agency, left one-year-old William in the child seat while she went on the boozing spree.

Yesterday, after pleading guilty to being drunk in charge of a child and neglect, she walked free from court after being given a suspended prison sentence at Bolton Magistrates Court.

The careless CSA worker even had the audacity to tell the police that she was a good mum. Yeah, some great mother she is. Leaving her baby in a car while she gets hammered in a bar. Great parenting Gemma Train. You should be shot for that kind of behaviour.

Typical child support agency worker. Couldn’t care less about the children, it’s all about the money.

13 thoughts on “CSA mother leaves her baby in the car while she gets drunk

  1. Yes, thats exactly what all people who work at the CSA are like. All of them! Not one good parent working there whatsoever. Its not like they’ve collected one billion pounds in the last year for children at all…wait a minute…

  2. Yes thats exactly what happened. Well done for seeing through my facade. Your a very intelligent person!

  3. I am a very intelligent person. For one thing, I know when to use “your” and when to use “you’re”… you don’t.

    I can hear crying… better put down the whiskey and go see to the kid mate.

  4. Well done for studying my spelling so sufficiently. I’m so glad i could prove your intelligence in this way.

  5. I will indeed. Hopefully one day i will write something as correct as your good self.

  6. Nurses have been done for neglect, drs have been done for murder of their own children,and take shipman the macanns in point of fact left three kids while they wined and dined, we know what happen to maddie, have they been charged with neglect, no ! the fact that this woman worked for the CSA is irrelevant, do we all stop going to drs because of maddies father ? do we all shout that thats typical of drs, anti CSA is ruling your comments, not common sense.

  7. What kind of judges do we have in our courts? Why cannnot
    they be challenged if they make idiotic and wrong judgements? Are
    they some super human beings with special powers that makes them
    infalliable? The mother who was obviously guilty of neglect , but
    as long as she admitted it was let off without anything to prevent
    her from doing it again. Yet mothers who do not neglect their
    children in this way but go to work to earn money for their
    families are labelled ‘career women’ and can have their children
    taken away from them by these same lunatic judges. Its a totally
    screwed up , morally bankrupt legal system that destroys children’s
    lives and their families .

  8. This woman is a god damn disgrace, she takes NRP,s money and works for a company that doesnt know how to organsie a piss up in a brewery yet she walks away scott free, she shouldt be allowed anywhere near children the heartless bitch

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