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CSA makes a mistake and I have to pay them back

For years the CSA have been chasing my ex. Finally after 7 yrs he has paid back all that is owed.

Problem now is that CSA informed me that he NOW refused to fill in updated maintence detaills so they told me if he didnt do it they would make the assesment on his behalf. They informed me weeks later that from april this year he had been delclaring himself unemployed but they have dicovered he was in fact in full time employment, so i was backdated 800 pounds from april. I phoned them as i always do and asked if this was correct and that the 800 pounds was mine, they said it was.

Apparently he kicked up a fuss at the csa office about his new maintence calculation, so they told me that in fact since april he owed me 20 less that what they said, and now he wants CSA payments to be ZERO as he cannot afford them.

So my problem is they have paid me 800 pounds arrears that the claimed i was entitiled to from april (i have spent this on xmas pressies for the children) Now they claim that i in fact shouldnt have gotten that money as the assesment has now been reduced and may be reduced to NIL.

Do i have to pay them back the 800 pounds ??? It seems unfair as it was THEIR error not mine.

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  1. Hi fedupmum,

    If the over payment as been due to agency error then a PWC will be asked if they are prepared to repay the amount…

    The overpayment could be offset against future CS payments.

    Click on my user name and join us in the forum at afairercsaforall.

  2. £800 on gifts! You should be ashamed maintenance is not intended for that; it’s for essentials like food and clothes!

  3. Excuse me Miles but that money was mine. Her dad paid nothing for all those years whilst i supported her financially on my own (no benefits) When that money was paid into my account it was mine to do what i wanted with it, i paid for food and clothes for her whilst he partied the years away denying to the government he was in employment when in fact he was all that time.

    If someone paid you money that was due to you what would you do with it? Be honest.

    Anyway the CSA addmitted their mistake and i got to keep the money as it WAS mine.

  4. “Anyway the CSA addmitted their mistake and i got to keep the money as it WAS mine.”

    Of course they would have said it was yours, no disrespect but your female, and as females make up more of the uk’s population than men and labour are relying on the female voters, thats of course when that s**t bastard brown ‘prime minister’ isnt insulting you all behind your backs.

  5. Why am i being attacked?? What has me being female got to do with it?? It WAS my money, my ex paid nothing since he left when she was 3 yrs old, she is now 15. 800 quid is not a lot for bringing up a child for 12 yrs I didnt make her on my own so as her father he was 50% responsible for paying for her upkeep.

    There are so many fathers out theor that hate the CSA but sorry guys if you are willing to make a child you should be willing to be financially responsible 50% for that child.

    On that note i DO belive that in a lot of cases that the CSA is too hard on some fathers but there is a lot out there like my EX who fathers numerous children (which i didnt know about till a few years ago) he was willing to make children but not willing to support them. There are exceptions to the rules , he is scum who wasnt willing to pay a single penny for his daughter but moves to wales and gets other women pregnant and then lies to the government claiming to be unemployed. to evade the CSA.

    A lot of people like suicidal above attack women about the CSA, but usually we are the ones that take on FULL responsibilty FINANCIALLY for our children whilst their fathers try to evade the system.

    For all the good dads out there , there are not enough of you. My husband and i have two children together and he has one from a previous relationship, and he is and has always paid maintenance to her mother with no problem, there are so few dads like him out there.

    every circumstance is different and i do sympathise with all the good dads that the CSA are being too hard on but my ex was an extreme exception to the rule.

  6. I’m not saying the money wasn’t yours, I’m just saying it was not given to you to spoil the children.
    I was a single parent for 3 years; I didn’t get a penny in support from anyone. My ex lives with her boyfriend in a big house and has a much better standard of living than me. No one put any pressure on her to work or provide maintenance.

  7. Quote; ■Miles on May 2nd, 2010 12:29 pm
    “I’m not saying the money wasn’t yours, I’m just saying it was not given to you to spoil the children.”

    For all intense purpose, it was given to fedupmum in respect of arrears that the NRP had accrued by not paying CM.

    If a PWC has solely provided for a child/ren for a period of time, because no payments were forthcoming from the NRP, then as such, the arrears are owed to the PWC and they can allocate their money as they see fit !!

  8. Whatever you say £800 is a loty to blow on gifts. How do you think a NRP struggling to make ends meet feels if the cash taken goes on gifts!

  9. Obviously, how much is blown on gifts is each individuals own prerogative…

    RE; “How do you think a NRP struggling to make ends meet feels if the cash taken goes on gifts!”

    Do you know that’s the case in this instance OR are you taking a guess?…

    How do you think a PWC struggling to make ends meet (not all are in receipt of benefits) feels if the NRP makes no contribution for their child/ren?

    With all due respect Miles, it’s not your place, mine OR anybody else’s to stipulate what another individual should OR should not spend their money on.

  10. How strange.

    If a bank puts £800 in your account by mistake you have to pay it back.

    If the CSA puts £800 in your account by mistake you don’t have to pay it back.

    Wonder who picks up the tab? The tax payer I guess ….

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