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CSA make it impossible to see my son

In the early part of this year I recived a letter from the csa asking me to contact them. I did this and they told me i had court order attached to my wages of £135 a fortnight. This came as quite a shock as I used to see my son every week end and supported him financily. They told me that i owed them £8,500 and most of the money i was paying was for arrears. As a result of this i now only see him once a month as he lives some miles away, I dont drive and depend on public transport.

I have sold every thing i had,All i have left is my lap top and clothes. If i want to see my son its a choice of do i eat for a week or do i see my son. I have always been a part of his life. I have always supported him. How come it has taken he csa all this time to let me know i am debt with them. His mother has never worked a day in her life and lives on state hand outs. She has a 5 bedroomed house lives with her boyfriend who works full time and is claiming benifits she is not entitled to.

Yet i have to work all the hours i can to pay the csa and im still expected by his mother to have him once a week(I wish i could). Since the csa started taking the dad tax off me i have had to move twice so i can live with in my means i now lodge with a couple and get roughly the same as some one unemployed. Wheres the common sense. Wheres the justification

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  1. Hi soulfox,

    When did the agency first ever make contact with you? – this will be the effective date for case commencement.

    You could possibly apply for a variation for costs relating to contact with your child.

    The agency must leave you with at least 60% of your income.

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  2. The C.S.A. are in fact in violation of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998. Right to a PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE. This also includes Article 1, protocol 1 of the same Act (Possessions) As much as we should not treat children as “our possessions” it appears many applicants who claim C.S.A. are using kids as personal “weapons” thus any weapon is a possession until used, abused ;or destroyed !

    Needless to say, I am surprised that the UK Government has been allowed to carry on with this over emotional child abusing bloodbath where those who are forced to pay C.S.A. either commit suicide due to the stresses caused by the C.S.A. and I too am aware of this trauma ;or pay up and die early of stress. So much for the Right of Life when the UK Government takes away lives without worrying whose child it is ;or the children blame themselves for their parents sudden death due to committing suicide.No doubt the C.S.A. will hound me for a few more years but in reality, whose kids are they anyway, the parents ;or the GOVERNMENTS ! and why do parents use their kids as a weapon to obtain money. Money don’t buy love, it buys misery .

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