CSA lose my payments and blame NRP

November 5, 2009

My sons father pays through his earnings, although after reading some of the comments on here, realise he may be struggling financially, I thought my son received a % of his earnings but without contact with his father cannot verify this (I would love my son to have his father in his life but he made the choice not to see him).

I have always received the payments on the same date every month. This money has always been an extra for my son as I had a well paid job and wasn’t struggling financially. I was made redundant earlier this yr and was unable to claim benefits due to my sons CSA payments. After arguing about this…. as I have 2 children from my 1st relationship (whose father is severely disabled an unable to work, so they receive nothing!) and don’t see why my sons father should pay for them, was told it was tough, my CSA was income!!

The CSA decide to send my payments clerical (Bolton office – incompetent liars) and low and behold they start telling me that he hasn’t paid. Confused, yes me too as it comes straight from his employer. So I’m panicking as now my CSA is classed as my income and I have no idea how I’m going to pay the bills….. they tell me it will be sorted and my payment will go in next month.

Next month arrives and still no payment! After crying down the phone, worried about losing my car, having my phone cut off etc I am finally told he has paid and it is on the wrong system… it will only take 15 days for it to arrive!!!! I’m then told it will be sorted for the month after and the payment will ‘bounce’ into the new system….. I’m left feeling relieved that it is sorted and manage to hold off my bills for a few wks until the money arrives.

Again the next month the same thing happens, have to yet again cancel my direct debits and phone companies who by now dont believe that I havent been paid again! Another bout of crying, stress…. now I’m covered in stress rashes (which still havent gone, even now!) and told they will do what they can! The money turns up 15 days later!

Luckily I’m back in work and have been for a few months and so my sons money is not such an issue as it was when it became a necessity and I still have to ring up and rant and rave until it is sorted. Last week I was told it would be in my bank by today and then today have been told….. guess what? It will take 15 days!!

I have asked to speak to the manger and complain and was told they wouldnt take a complaint until after the 15 days but only if the money didnt turn up and when I said I’m complaining about the last 6 months was told to write to Bolton, to which I replied Why would I write to the place I am complaining about, they lie and tell you what you want to hear and then say they have done stuff they havent.

I do feel sorry for a lot of you dads out there, after reading some of the complaints on here you are getting a rough deal but there are genuine mums like me who are trying to do the best for their kids and would love their kids to have loving dads in their lives. I work hard and my son gets the majority of his CSA spent on his clubs not on things for myself.

The CSA needs to be sorted out for both parents!!


  • chall says:

    Quote; The CSA needs to be sorted out for both parents!!

    Hi NDK,

    http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk completely agree!

  • sheelagh says:

    The best thing to do is contact your MP (you can find them on houses of parliment website) i have done this on many occasions and it is the only thing that has got me a result.

  • Michael Bailey says:

    This happened to me as the NRP – and I had paid on time and correctly. The CSA issued an illegal attachment of earnings order and told me I wasn’t paying ‘correctly’ – I am on the clerical system. Cut a long story short I pointed out their mistake. Unfortunately for them I am not one to drop it or take no for an answer. I went through the entire complaints system and then on to the Independent Claims Examiner. I was awarded £100 for their not following correct procedures and harrassment by phone calls. It didn’t make up for the hassle, but proved me to be correct and them to be incompetent. Do not give in, and you can complain at any point – they only have to give so many days in which they have to reply to it. Also involve your MP – they caused the CSA I think they should deal with it.

  • kc says:

    i had to get my mp involved and they dragging on this too etc

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