CSA keeps changing my address on their system

March 23, 2010

I do not have a good history with this government agency.

The children went without any support from the fathers for a period of two and half years. In November 2007 I had to declare personal bankruptcy due to the hardship caused by the loss of data and manual retrieval of this.

Here we are again in 2010, faced with a situation where I received two payments in November, none in December or January, one on Feb 2nd. I filled in a missing payments form 26.01.10 still waiting…. requested further missing payments forms for payments they sent out on 9th, 11th Feb….still waiting…rang again today. No one cares.

I am a single disabled parent with cerebral palsy who relies heavily on this money to provide care & support that their father will not give. My son also has Aspergers an Autism Spectrum disorder, and I am struggling to get him a statement of needs in place for him.

Just finished writing another letter of complaint, which will be looked at within three months, during this time of investigation I will receive no payments. I found out that my address details where changed from the national database, which I had nothing to do with to get this: the customer services department of the co-operative bank. Hence, they are in receipt of these cheques.

Every time I call to state this is not my address, details are updated and then revert back again just as quickly.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I had a problem with them and my address. I gave them a c/o address as suggested by the Police as I never trusted the CSA not to give them my details. But when seeing my MP obviously I gave him my address. But instead of the CSA querying the address and asking me, they just updated the details and then gave my address to my ex! I got special payments for this as after telling them to change back, etc. they then did it again and again!! I explained everything to them but fell on deaf ears!! But my ex would give them varioius addresses (none of which he lived at, but his friends) and they got them right!! When I gave them his address I had to prove to them it was his even when they realised that the addresses they used, correspondence would come back to them!! They had a face to face with him at the address I gave them and he said he didnt live there and obviously the CSA believed him!! I can only suggest go to your MP and make him/her write to them confirming your address. Good Luck

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