CSA is taking too much money from me

April 13, 2010

I have been paying csa for 6 years for my little girl. I changed jobs a few years back and since then i told my ex that my wages had gone up. she contacted the CSA accordingly. It then took them 2 years to re calculate the ammount that i owed and all of a sudden i’m hit with my CSA payments going up by 300 per month which is fine, but also arears of 7500.

I offered to pay this off at 300 per month making a total payment of nearly 800 pounds but the csa say that this isn’t good enough and have since been taking 40% of my net earnings each month. I have another little girl who i need to support amonst other things that generally need paying to live. Is there anyway that I can force them to lower the monthly payments to a reasonable ammount so that i’m not so financially cripled each month because it’s causing me problems in other area’s of my life.

I’ve never said i won’t pay the outstanding ammount but i feel that seeing that it was thier fault that i was not re calculated for so long i should be able to pay it back over a longer period.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


  • matthew says:

    my 3 children i live with are being forced into poverty by the csa… they want half of our tax credits for my ex partner with my 2 children ,, discusting goverment we have im affraid. my wife now wants to leave our home and go on her own back into a councill house and back on benifits which will cost the tax payer more .. we were given this advise by somone who has done this and are now better of and living better …. what a good idea .. so declare splitting up live appart have seperate claims ,, then the csa cant starve your kids that you live with to feed your exes kids with caviar .. or ex partner with new shoes and hair… we are just looking into it now as we have had enough

  • Adam Thomas says:

    I have been making CSA payments since Feb of this year. Each payment i have made has been above what they say its going to be, even in writing. Each time this has happened i have phoned and compained only to be told that a case worker will look into the case and see whats happening. I am then told that everything has been sorted and that payments are now fixed. Come the next month, the wrong payment has been taken again. Luckily i have recorded all my conversations i have had with them (which the have been notified about) so i have the evidense of them telling me its been sorted. I have now stopped all direct debits to them until its done. Payments are now going to be made as card payments until they sort there side out. Not holding out much hope about it though.

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