CSA is leaving familes with nothing

April 14, 2010

My trust in the Child Support Agency is wearing thin. Not only is there constant mistakes being made within this system, but its actually doing the opposite of what its initial purpose was. Instead of making families happier, and creating a steady path of in flowing money. It has indeed made that divide between families even more so, and has in some cases left families with nothing. Something should be done about this, but who is going to be big or brave enough to do it? As a matter of fact, I am the child of a family member who is struggling with the constant beckoning of the CSA. I ask so many questions, but yet no one can answer.

But one thing I know for sure is that the CSA is immoral and unpractical. Not only can you not phone back the CSA, when missing a call, their systems are not up to date. And to this day and age feel very pointless. It is however fair to say, it is not those who work in the CSA’s fault, it is those who are behind the creation of the CSA.

Something needs to be done, something which would create aggregate happiness for all that put their trust in this system. And I want to know what can be done.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Unfortunately this is nothing new or nothing I didnt know already. No ‘one’ wants to sort it out/do something about it, I believe its because no ‘one’ knows how to, there are some things at least they could do in the mean time but they still dont, its idol threats about enforcement. I wish I knew the answer but all we can hope for is after this election, some’one’ will tackle it.

  • rach says:

    as you are a child affected by all of this maybe you could try writing your story to a national paper hopefully they then may print it and people might start to open their eyes before the general election would be the ideal time for you to do it and good luck cus we will all be routing for you!! xx

  • mark townhill says:

    My ex wife has stopped all contact with the child. The court were in full support of contact with myself. The mother broke court orders and has been hell bent on excluding me from child life. Csa should be stopped. Any advice. Ps I do not want this email being shown on ur website

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