CSA ignores my recorded delivery letters of complaint

September 1, 2010

Ref – Donna Holland complaints officer Crew ext 14644.

Despite many RECORDED DELIVERED LETTERS and requests for FULL BREAKDOWN AND EXPLANATION in how my case the figures are worked out from my accounts supplied (self employed)- The CSA choose to ignore my requests and send out threats with different amount of figures each time from week to week making their own RULES UP as they go along.

My one Daughter is almost 19 and has finished college and still they are requesting payment for her too??? I have harrassing phone calls that dont seem to END despite requests to deal with myself in writing only. Many departments have dealt with my case including the APPEALS department and still “NO SOLUTIONS” to how they arrive at the figures they supply me.

Who is in charge of these people as it seems they all do their “own” thing without gathering all the information that I have supplied on more than one occasion. Its not a lot to ask, yet they are not capable of supplying what I request, yet it is LAW to show a full breakdown on how they arrive at their calculations inclusive of all monies already received which I have paid monthly since CSA started.

Wayne Swallow


  • chall says:

    Hi Wayne Swallow,

    Dealing with the agency is so frustrating!

    If you go to http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk click on ‘downloads’ and you will find a template letter for your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown – hope that assists with obtaining the info you require.

    Your also welcome to join us in the forum, its all free of any charge or contribution requests. You will find others in similar situations.


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Dear wayne, I reccommend that you phone the department wherethe claim is processed an communicate with oneof their colleagues in regards to the issue you have, ask them if they dont mind recording the conversation whether you are recording it or not. Tell them you have a right to know the accurate figures in regards to the 30% they are entitled to deduct, remind them that you will seek legal support if they are unable to provide the relevant details. It is amazing the results you can get by being calm on the fone and asking how their actions of causing conflict between yourself and the PWC are in the interest of the childs welfare. how you being without money be able to provide welfare during contact residence. I find it helps when you remain calm and remind them of the law and regulations, remind them that providing incorrect calculations is both illegal and not in the interst of your childs welfare, anything above the correct calculations can be considered as theft, Theft is illegal, incorrect calculations is considered as fraud, again another illegal activity perpetrated by the CSA. Ifthey hang up, fone again, always use a BT line for their 0845 numbers as this is absolutely free. I hope I have been of help!! if satisfaction is not obtained by speaking to a regular colleague of CSA, ask to speak to a team leader or leading case worker, also remind them of their illegal actions and that you intend to seek legal advice in order to prosecute against theft commited by the CSA, rember to take names and date and time of fone calls. It's all evidence thatwill destroy them in court should it get that far.

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    The appeals department seem only to stand up for their own actions and say it is their procedure when it doesnt make sense. Take it to ICE who will look at it independently or write to your MP as they can help put some pressure on. Its easy to feel like the small person fighting the huge organisation, but there are ways like your MP to put some weight behind your argument. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted! 🙂

  • Gary Spiers says:


    you entry could have so easily have been written by me. I have stated deal in writing only as i seriously dont trust them, yet i have been called three times this week alone.
    I sent 9 letters of which three were recorded, and yet they never even acknowledged them, despite telling me that they are recorded on their system.
    I was contacted as they wanted a merely £10k off me. They have now told me that a letter they sent to me and my MP Bernard Jenkin should not have been sent as an agreement of direct maintainence payment was in fact unlawful.

    I let rip on the phone the other day, and have also requested a Face to Face meeting, in order to produce the 5000 sheets of papaer to them.

    they are an appaling outfit.


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