CSA holding on to my money

February 9, 2010

i wanted to just share a snippet of my recent experiences of this agency.

i have been with them since 1994 so really should be a pro and know all they do is talk down to you like an uneducated child. my second case involving my youngest son is on a pay as and when his father wants to!!

there was a standing order which he cancelled but the csa are not bothered…anyway a payment was made in oct 09 and mysteriously went missing within the csa!! i phoned every few days only to be told there was no payment and they would call him for a payment…this went on till december when after evidence had been provided they decided to look for it!! and ta da there it was on the 4th oldest possible system!!

i was advised it would take 28 working days to move it over??? i could have walked there and collected it myself in that time!! no amount of degrading myself to basic grovelling would i get any money for xmas..and basically i should not rely on maintenance..i should work..well i am a full time student and if i was on income support i would have regular income and not struggle and have a ruined xmas as we did..at the end of jan after spending a total of 4 hours on the phone to ppl who cant even stick to the same time lines for clearance of payments i received a payment and no apology..after all its my fault i dont work and only study to get a good job to provide for my kids!!

on my other case there is an attachment which is made on the last working day of each month and gets stuck on the old 3rd system!! again i lose hours phoning to track this down..why do they have the need to hold on to money that is rightfully my childrens!! and why are they all not trained the same to state exact time scales for clearance of money?? why do they talk to you like its your fault you are single and have sleepless nights worrying you cant afford everything for them!!


  • Jeanie and Joey says:

    I’m tired of phoning this lot up too. They hold onto money, patronize you on the phone like your the one at fault when it’s the father that did a runner on us after a miscarriage and this PLANNED pregnancy!

    It’s my son’s third birthday tomorrow, the last day of Feb 2013 and they have delayed the payment again even though the father is doing direct wage deductions! I have £1.24 in my purse and 6p in the bank and don’t get paid until the day after his birthday! Over £300 won’t now reach my bank acc for another week, taking us into March. does this mean that March’s payment will now be in May?

    On top of that if I have to hold and listen to interrupted Vivaldi’s four seasons anymore I shall scream! I think they’ve picked the most annoying tune they could when you hold on the phone, so your already worked up when they answer. The guy I’ve just spoke to was abrasive from the start and there is absolutely no regard for anyone’s feelings in such a sensitive issue. I’m sick of grovelling for what’s rightfully my son’s money. We have no family support at all and it’s just me and him struggling and I’m so worried he’s getting older and will be made aware just how alone and undervalued we are as people.

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