CSA hides behind forms and does nothing

July 14, 2010

I have been battling with the CSA and getting no where for the last 5 years! Afer letters of complaint and giving them all the information they asked for and more no further forward. I got my local MP involved, got my own personal case worker and still no where! The father of my son is self employed and is spending money like water so everyone can see he has access to money that he should be helping to pay for his son. Was told the CSA was going to do a face to face visit in 2008 to get him to answer the questions of where his money that he claims he dont have was coming from but yea you guessed it thats never happened. Ive phoned and phoned and ever time you get threw the person at the other end says nothing has happened on my case since your last call and send me another form to fill in and say as soon as they get it they will look into it (but they dont)?!

From what i can see the CSA is the biggest waste of time and money with no powers to do anything. I was told with the information id given them they didnt have the powers to check things out? I told them the bank he banks at, the places he sub contracts for, he even got a farm tennancy and i gave them the phone number and name of the man that runs the estate but “No” cant look into that. Dont see why i should just give up and let it drop for my sons case but i can see why the CSA fails so many children and showing no signs of improving!

Thank-you for taking the time to read my story and this is the shortened version!


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Hi Ive had this and many other probs for 12 yrs, please contact me or go on facebook and join group child support agencies failings and others, you will see advice and support on there, its free and people been through similar probs.

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