CSA has fabricated arrears for when I was not working

March 8, 2010

I dont now where to turn. The csa say i am in arreas but i dont now how.

Last septemer they started taking a extra 25.00 out of my pay when i phoned them they said my employer had not payed. When i contacted my employer they showed me every thing that had gone out and no they had not missed any payment.

Then i went off on sick ended up in hospital. I was off work then for 16 wks. I have now gone back to work and they are sill taking the 20.00 extra i now they are entiteled to 5.00 a wk when i was off sick and i have taken that in to account and yet the say i am still in arreas i worked it out how much i owe them and they owe me money not me owe them they just wont listen my employer has tried to phone them and they wont speak to them.

Now they whant to take a extra 40.00 out of my wages and are telling me i only have 1 child living at home when there are 2 do you now any one i can speak to that can help i am about to give my job up because i will be better of i dont want to but have no choice


  • chall says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    When did your case commence on/after 03/03/03 or before?

    Did you notify the agency at the time that you were off work/on the sick?

    Have/when did you make them aware that you have 2 relevant children in your household?

    If the DEO left your employer and the CSA are claiming they haven’t received it, it may well be that your employer has not put the correct reference number on the paperwork – in which case you need to get written evidence from your employer that they made they payments and follow it up with the agency.

    Obviously going to need more info to enable correct advice – join us in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

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