CSA going to court for money I do not owe

June 7, 2010

The CSA is taking me to court for £460 owing from 2000, and i can prove that i was unemployed for most of that time so i guess i owe £200 at the most, i have to go to court to face a justices clerk but cant get legal aid for a solicitor which seems silly.

I have used my local MP but still so far i cant shake off the CSA, as they dont have any letters from me that i told them i was unemployed during that period, even though i have my wage slips P45 from the year 2000

I have been signed off with depression for 10 yrs now and cant work as i take strong medication so will i too go to prison!


jeffrey moorhouse


  • chall says:

    Hi jeffrey,

    Did you inform the agency at the time that you were not in work?
    They will not carry out a retrospective change of circumstances.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • jeffrey moorhouse says:

    since having problems with the CSA , i have tried to join the dead beats dads association but they think im fishing for information,
    how the hell can i be an infiltrator when im facing court this month in Torbay magistrates for a 10 year old debt!

    CSA support sites are okay but many dont really help your situation, momney supermarket.com is another waste of time place,

    looks like no one can help you, so maybe prison or going on the road as a tramp and a traveller is the best option, bailiffs cant bother you when u are homeless
    jeffrey moorhouse

  • Michael says:

    I informed the CSA when I quit my job, but had to send it in writing because when I phoned up to tell them they hung up on me twice saying they wouldn’t speak to me as I record my phonecalls.

    Naturally, they then claimed they hadn’t received it and wondered why my former employer was no longer sending them over £600 every month. They wouldn’t accept that I had stopped working even though I had told them (and had recordings of the phonecalls where they hung up on me). My employer had also told them, over the phone and by letter.

    They even asked me to PROVE that I wasn’t working. Why should I prove that I am innocent? Surely that’s the other way round? I presume they expected me to show them payslips that I wasn’t getting.

    They never even replied to me about it and I haven’t heard from them since, that was over 12 months ago. As I have a new job and I’m paying by DEO again – setup through my employer as I just can’t be arsed with them anymore, I presume it’s all settled – but you never know. They could just as easily come back several years later and ask for £1,200 for the two months I wasn’t working.

  • Brokenfather says:

    Actually, I thought that the CSA couldn’t use the courts for a debt incurred in 2000!

  • chall says:

    Hi jeffrey,

    Any arrears an individual is sent to prison for, still remain fully collectible.

    Some support sites are a good place to find out information which maybe relevant to ones own case and give the opportunity to communicate with others that may well be in the same position. Nobody can wave a magic wand…

    Without knowing more details pertaining to your own circumstances, its very difficult to give you accurate, as opposed to general advice.

    Have you at any time requested your Data Protection file and a complete account breakdown to enable you to establish whether the arrears figure is correct? – if you wish to do this, click on my user name, on the site it takes you to there is a free template letter in the download section. There is also a FREE to join forum.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • trisha says:

    Hi Jeffrey

    First of all i would go to the DHSS income support and ask them for proof that you where on Income support at the time you have specified above they can give this to you either by post or if you talk nicely to the person they can get it for you there and then depending on your dhss.

    You say you are in court this month well dont be frightened this is what they want you will be spoken to by a rep from the CSA please dont be fooled that they feel sorry for you they wont all they want is to know what info you have. When you are in court make sure to say to the Judge can i give you this info that you got from the DHSS. Who will be red faced then. Tell the Court that you did inform them that you where out off work and after all they access to the DHSS system live so why did they not pick this up. You done the right thing but this seems to be a clerical error on their part. If you have the proof remember make sure this is on official DHSS paper with the proper dates you need on it.

    You wont get legal aid. But you can bring a friend in with you as support they cant talk for you . You need to ask the courts before hand if you can bring your friend in you can call them using this term A MACKENZIE FRIEND. Ring the courts up before hand and ask for the Family and Domestic section and give them your name and say it is CSA case. They will ask you to fax over a letter stating that you want to bring a friend with you for support as you are nervous.

    Remember one thing the CSA really hate going to court. So outwit them and get the info i have asked you to get and dont let them know about this until you tell the Judge first.

    Good luck from Trisha




    MR PAUL DOXEY ” Money Watchers” 1 Marrick, Wilnecote , Tamworth

    TEL: 01827 330743

    MOBILE: 0777 4904724

    This guy is an EXPERT on CSA problems


  • Ian says:

    I m about to attend a court hearing ,csa are looking to stick a liability order on me,the hearing is miles away out of town,i ve written to excersise my legal entitlement to have it in my own town.
    What concerns me the most on the issue of child maintenance and low income fatheres is the failure to recognise our right to basic habitation,it cost s approx 8/10K a year in rent.council tax,food,energy bills etc etc,we have a right to see our kids in a familly home enviroment.
    I believe that any income below an easily calculated figure should simply be left alone,as any intervention leaves us unable to sustain basic living needs.
    I ve spent over a year on sofas,in caravans even the back of my van,i ve had enough of the NFA lifestyle but know that based on the csa 25%of my income they would charge i can t realistically live a normal life..
    The csa is a trully evil organisation…i think we all should stand up to our human rights…i m gonna refuse to pay anything till i m properly means tested…prison or not..

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