CSA forcing me to Claim Benefits

February 6, 2012

The story continues! with dodgy advice and NEW CMEC rules.

This is new to me but I thought I would share this alarming advice I received from my case worker in Nottingham.

I wrote a post a few days ago “Lost my job because of CSA“.

Now I have asked NACSA to represent me as the CSA where twisting words, making things up as they went etc. Well now my case worker is “Geraldine Newman” CSA Nottingham is trying to force me to claim benefits. Because if i don’t the CSA will not be able to confirm my earnngs and want to know “how I will live daya to day”!! she has given me 7 days to decide! I’m speechless..now my question is:

1. Do I have to try claim benefits?

2. If I don’t or cannot then what? I’m out of work because of what the CSA done to me.

3. Unemployment office tell me I cannot. And I do not want to degrade myself any further.

4. Do I just leave my keys at the door and leave the country or lay down and die!.

NOW please pause and think about what must be going through my mind at this point. WHAT DO I DO!!

P.S Just recived this from my representitive at NACSA.

Hello Brian

The CSA already have the powers of attaching a charging order on property and can further issue an Order of Sale if necessary.

Client Representation Manager


  • chall says:


    As NACSA are representing you, they will have more insight into your case than any of us. Have they established whether the CSA is at fault at all and have you put the above questions to them?
    The reply the have posted from NACSA does not appear to reflect the questions you have posted.

    Obviously, if you are not claiming benefits it will raise questions how you are managing to live, pay bills and mortgage or rent with no income.

    Unemployment will probably not preclude the agency from taking enforcement action for arrears. Have they gained a Liability Order as yet?

    I assume NACSA charge for their service. Could one expect to be given a quote for the total costs pertaining the work they expect carry out on a case OR would costs accumulate as and when work is undertaken and are the repayment terms mutual for such.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • brian says:


    NACSA only ask for a Donation of £20 a month which is decent given the massive work they do and knowledge in dealing with the CSA.

    if you require full case representation they ask for a one off £150 fee.

    They did get my case file.

  • John says:

    My advice is, be very careful who you trust on this matter.

    Putting your eggs all in one basket with NACSA may seem a good idea, but in my experience where I have fed information to people (not NACSA), they have colluded with the CSA/CMEC, and where I thought that I may obtain some resolution and fairness in my case, I got shafted!

    Be careful!

  • brian says:

    Hi John,

    Many thanks for the comment. In dealing with the CSA its almost like playing a SPY game. I mean the dirty tricks they play and nasty attitude is deeply concerning.

    That’s why I send my local MP and the Conservative Party a copy of all my dealings with the CSA infact I have received letters both from the Conservative Head office Chairman and Houses of Commons with regards to my plight with the CSA.

    I use NACSA because our of pure desperation as like many of you I had no idea what a life changing expereince would be having the CSA turn my life upside down.

  • chall says:


    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand dealing with the agency can be stressful, especially if somebody is unsure of CS Legislation / procedure and agency staff are not always as pleasant or helpful as they could be.

    I hope the matter with your case is soon resolved.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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